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Hello!  We are another week closer to Spring.   If you are on my newsletter mailing list, you might have seen my February Newsletter in your inbox this week.  If you have not subscribed to my newsletter, it's a great way to get updates and previews on special offerings and events. I typically send a newsletter out each month to my subscribers.   If you are not currently on my mailing list, here is an opportunity to do so!  It's free, it's easy. It's for you.   Can you help me reach my goal of 100 NEW subscribers by the end of March?!   Click below to subscribe: 

In today's post I'm sharing a glimpse of some exciting things happening at Novo Decor this Spring.  Subscribe to my newsletter to receive those details!  

1.  SPECIALS:    Specials discounts apply whether you were a customer in the past, a current customer, or a brand new customer!  Everyone gets a discount, no matter what.  Offers are good through April 30 and space is starting to fill up! 

2.  "SHUT THE FRONT DOOR". This is a new service I will be providing for a limited time.   This might be just what you and your home needs this Spring!   Additional details will be provided in the March newslette, my website at , and Novo Decor Facebook.     If you subscribe to my newsletter this week (Feb 25-Mar 3), you won't have to wait to the end of March to find out what this new service is!   You'll receive the information within days of subscribing. 

3.  OPEN HOUSE:   Open houses are great for many reasons.  They provide opportunities for us to meet new people, develop new friendships with those who share common interests (like painted furniture, home decor and decorating of course!).   I love the casual feel of an open house; you can come and go as you please, stay as long (or short) as you want, and the best part, we can talk about projects and questions you might have.  

4.  BROADCASTS:  What better way to demonstrate my work to you than by doing a live broadcast?  This is slightly out of my comfort zone....ok...largely out of my comfort zone, but, I love trying new things, and look forward to exploring it further.  In the next few months you will see more information about these broadcasts.  Be sure to check in when you can!!!

There are more offerings and events on the horizon.  You will be updated as new offerings are developed, and my newsletter is a convenient, and personable way for me to get this information to you early!   No pop-up notifications or dings on your phone (ok maybe a ding or two.....and a!  There is really no way around this in today's technological world!).   

 Why not subscribe today!   Because it's just not as fun without you!  



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