Painted furniture FAQ's

Good morning!  Do I see sun as I type this?  I'll take it! 

Today's post is short and sweet compilation of questions people often ask about my services. Hopefully the answers will shed light on how my furniture painting process works.  

1.  Do you paint furniture I already have?  

Yes!  In fact these are the pieces I am most passionate about.  I get a lot more joy out of seeing my customers reactions and feelings about their newly painted piece, then I do painting random pieces of furniture and selling them.    The bulk of my business revolves around custom orders for furniture people already own.   My favorite pieces to work on are those passed down in families, or those that hold meaning to the owner. 

2.  Do you have unfinished pieces that I can look at for purchase and/or custom order? 

I acquire a few pieces here and there, but the majority of my custom work is on furniture that people already own.  

3.  We need additional storage in our kitchen/dining area, but I don't want to install more cabinetry.  Could I hire you to find a piece of furniture for us, and then paint that piece to match our color scheme?

Absolutely.  Some people know what type of piece they're looking for.  Others are more general in their request.  In either case, when I find a piece I'll send pictures of it to the customer.  If the customer gives me the green light, I'll purchase the piece and then we talk about the customer's style and color preferences. 

4.  How long does it take you to complete a custom order? 

I require anywhere from 1 to 6 weeks depending on the project.  A table and chair set could take four weeks, whereas a small accent table might take one week. 

5.  Do you require a deposit for your service?  

No. Payment is due when the piece is finished.

6.  Do I drop off my piece to you? 

You certainly can.  I do provide a pick up/delivery service for a fee of $50.  Most people prefer to drop off and pick up their pieces. 

7.  I'm not sure if the furniture I own is a good candidate for a make-over.  Can you look at what I have? 

Yes!  I provide home consultation services to view your furniture.  Within several days of the consultation, you'll receive an estimate for your piece.  I do not start work on a piece until you are 100% ready and satisfied with the plan. 

8.  Do you re-upholster furniture?  

Some types of furniture, yes.  Dining chairs, kitchen chairs, benches, or stools are the types of pieces I do re-upholster.  (pieces with tops that are removable)  I do not reupholster couches or larger pieces of furniture.  There is a local re-upholsterer who does very good work.  I refer anyone to him if they inquire.  

9. Do you have a store front? 

Not yet!  I work out of our home, but I am looking to expand to another shop space as our little ranch is not getting any bigger! 

10.  Do you paint cabinetry or built-ins? 

Yes.  The same process for furniture takes place with cabinetry inquires. I look at your cabinetry and generate an estimate within a week or less.   I take the doors, and drawers with me to work on in my home.  The rest I complete in your home.  Hardware can be spray painted, and/or replaced with something you've found.  Or, I provide new hardware as our plan necessitates. 

11.  Do you ever have special offers or discounts?  

Any promotions I have going on will be on Facebook (, and the blog (

If you are on Instagram, my promotions are also shown there. Follow me on Instagram! novodecor2015

On that note......THIS MONTH I am offering FREE home consultation AND $25 OFF any order placed THIS MONTH ONLY. This applies to orders valued at $125 or more.  

As always, I love hearing from you.  Shoot me a comment or question anytime!

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Bar cart: simple update; big result

Bar carts! They are great pieces to have around the house.  Today's post features an antique bar cart that has received paint and personality.  Tiffany, its owner, recognized the potential of the piece, and contacted me with her ideas.  

 Bar carts are "hot" accessories for the home.  They are all over the stores......

They are even better when styled: 

image from Apartment Therapy

image from Apartment Therapy

Use a cart for a fun (and mobile!) coffee bar

Use a cart for a fun (and mobile!) coffee bar

These carts are mobile, and versatile, allowing them to serve countless purposes (not just for "bar" related items as the name implies).  They are highly functional....and pretty. 

Tiffany's bar cart has character, and is wood, making it a perfect paint! 

Tiffany's Request

Tiffany requested a neutral gray/"gray" wash effect.  I chose a warm gray hue consistent with her warm color palate preference.  Why a "warm gray"? Tiffany mentioned she didn't want it "too silvery shiny". To me, "silvery shiny" implies cool tones, so I went with warm.  

I first painted the tray that goes inside the cart, then I sent Tiffany a picture of it in order to gt her feedback on the look: 

Tiffany preferred a more subtle effect then what this picture shows (less white brush strokes). Perfect.  Easy fix.  We also agreed that a distressed finish would show the original dark wood underneath beautifully. The plan was solidified. It was time to get to work. 

Here is the bar cart BEFORE:

Drab cart to fab cart

Tiffany recognized the potential in this bar cart, which is important when deciding to paint a piece of furniture.  Equally important is consideration of two other things:

1.  Good bones (is a piece sturdy, able to with hold a make-over?)

2. Functionality (What purpose can a piece serve, can it be used in non-traditional ways?) 

Good bones and functionality are two excellent qualities that make a piece of furniture make-over worthy!   This cart definitely fits the bill.   

Finishing touches to come this week....with REVEAL to follow. Stay tuned! 

Do you have an old piece of furniture that meets these guidelines?  Take a look at what you have.....I would venture to guess that there is potential in at least one piece of furniture you own!!!

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Update your bed frame for a rustic & fresh look

Beds frames are expensive.  We purchased a quality bed frame years ago. Since then, our style (()K, my style) changed.  I think Karl would have been fine had the old bed frame remained. But, I was getting antsy to update it.  Here is what I did: 

I created a "new" bed frame from our old one.  The photo below was the bed before..

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The plan

I decided to paint the frame white, then distress it.  I sealed it with a soft wax.  I wanted to add an additional rustic component to it, so I added 16 pine boards to the frame, 8 on the headboard, and 8 on the foot board.  

My lines aren't straight, but you get the idea....8 boards lined up to cover the old frame

My lines aren't straight, but you get the idea....8 boards lined up to cover the old frame

Materials Needed: 

  • 16- 1x4 wood boards (I chose pine)
  • Dark Walnut Stain/brush/old t-shirt
  • Liquid Nails
  • electric saw   


1.  Measure the width of the frame to determine how long the boards had to be, and how many boards were needed to cover the area.  For this bed, we needed 8, 1x4 boards on each frame (the headboard and foot board). I looked for the straightest (non-bowed) boards when picking them out at Menards, just to make gluing them a little easier. 

2.  Cut the boards to size

3.  Stain the boards

wipe or brush stain onto the wood. Let sit 10 minutes. Wipe with old T-shirt. Let dry. That's it. 

wipe or brush stain onto the wood. Let sit 10 minutes. Wipe with old T-shirt. Let dry. That's it. 

4.  Paint old frames and sand for a distressed look. Apply wax to seal the paint. 

5.  For this step, the headboard and footboard were lying flat.  Apply liquid nails to each bed frame and place boards on top.  (sorry no picture!) I basically ran a line of liquid nails down the old frame prongs, then stuck the board to it. 

6.  Allow time to dry (I placed heavy paint cans on top while drying. This held the boards down flat, allowing them to adhere better to the glue. The boards won't be perfectly flat against the frame, and that's ok....because this is a "rustic" bed.  I let them dry for about 24 hours

7.  Re-assemble the bed.  The bed rails attached the same way as they did before, because I did not change anything at that level where the rails and frames attach. 


I'll admit I had an instant crush on our new, rustic bed!  This was the first time I had ever added wood to another piece of furniture; I wasn't sure what to expect.  But I was happy with the result. A bed frame that looks fresh and current!

One last thing.......

I was curious to see what new beds of similar style would have set us back. The bed below, from Pottery Barn......sells for $1799.   So, we saved $1759.  Granted at some point in the future, a board may come loose from our bed, and our bed is a little heavier than what its original frame was constructed for, I still love our "new" bed.  

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Furniture Make-overs: My 7-step customer process

Transforming a piece of furniture, and seeing the reaction of the owner, brings me great joy.  That's why I love sharing stories and reveals with you on my blog and social media. In recent months, I've received inquiries about my furniture make-over process. Not the actual "how-to" painting process, but the process of getting started, and what the customer can expect, from start to finish. Maybe you've wondered yourself?  

If my posts have ever sparked your curiosity about what it would be like to receive my services, or to work with me, here you'll get a behind the scenes look at each step.  

Step #1:  Initial Contact 

Typically a prospective customer will email, or call to get in touch with me.  Customers find me through word-of-mouth, and on social media like Facebook, where I post all my blog articles and market my services.  From the Novo Decor Facebook page, my website can also be accessed for additional contact information.  During the initial conversation with customers we set up a time for me to visit the home and view the piece (s). 

You can reach me by clicking  HERE

Step #2:  Furniture Assessment and Consultation

At this time I provide home consultation free of charge.  During a 30-60 minute consultation I look at the condition and needs of your piece.  We discuss color ideas, what you'll use the piece for, various finishes, and your desired style.  I will have paint samples with me, and a variety of painted furniture for you to view, if you need ideas.  I also answer any questions you have. 

Step #3: Research

As with any project, there is research involved with painting furniture. It's important to me that I'm making the right decisions suited to each individual piece.  The best research entails actual execution of the never know what surprises you might find!  Research helps prepare for those surprises!  

Determing colors and appropriate liner for pieces is at the heart of the planning and research phase

Determing colors and appropriate liner for pieces is at the heart of the planning and research phase

I use the computer daily for communication with other painting professionals, and researching painting related products and techniques

I use the computer daily for communication with other painting professionals, and researching painting related products and techniques

Step #4: Quote/Plan

Once I gather all the information needed for a particular piece,  I put together a quote which details the plan we discussed, and price. If all details are agreed upon, then it's time to get your piece in the books!

Step #5:  Schedule Start Date

We agree on a start date.  Customers generally drop off their piece (s) at my home, and I work on the piece there.  If you are unable to transport your piece, I will provide this service for an additional charge.  If a project requires me to work in your home, for example a cabinetry job, I can work around your schedule, or, I can work while you are out of the house, if you are comfortable with that.  

Step #6:  Begin the project

I require 4-8 weeks to completion, depending on the type of project.  You, as the customer, do not have to provide a thing, except your piece of furniture!  If you've been following me on social media, you know I love keeping my customers and readers updated on projects.  Customers have commented how much they love getting a behind-the-scenes look at how their piece is progressing! You can bet I'll do the same for you! 

Step #7:  Complete the project! 

I will let you know several days in advance, when your piece will be ready for you.  I accept payment when you pick up your piece, or when it is delivered to your home.  I will follow-up with you to ensure your piece is to your liking/satisfaction.  If your piece becomes damaged, contact me and I will do my best to repair it for a small fee.  

And that's it!   Seven steps to a furniture make-over.  You will experience a new-found love for your piece, and will be amazed at how an entire room can be visually enhanced with a furniture make-over! 

I hope this post has answered any questions you might have had about the customer process regarding furniture make-overs.   My process is designed to be customer-friendly, efficient, and hassle-free.  It gives me joy to inspire you to see the value and potential in the furniture you already own.  And to make that vision happen for you, is icing on the cake!

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Make color happen at home: 5 ways

We are nearing the end of week #4 in the home decorating series.  If you've tuned in and are familiar with the series, that's great! If you're new to it, welcome!  This week is about the little details that shouldn't be forgotten when decorating! Because when all those details of a room are well-planned, and implemented, they can take a room from good to GREAT.  

Today's topic is color.  Color is vital in any room.  Though color can be overwhelming and scary, there are so many smaller, less scary options for bringing in color!  Whether you're a risk taker with color, fear it, or find yourself somewhere in the middle, here are some examples to get you thinking....

1.  Textiles (like pillows, blankets, curtains):

In the above examples the dominant color (the one that takes up most of the room) is light gray, on the walls.  Blue and green accents were pulled in with textiles.  Don't you just love saying that word, "textiles" (the speech pathologist in me talking)

2. Painted Furniture

A painted piece stands out and can communicate a color scheme instantly.    Multiple painted pieces can have the same effect, but be sure to use caution when it's time to add the decor.  Bringing in too many different colors everywhere can confuse the eye/brain. Choose a color scheme, and stick with it.  I typically suggest 3 colors, with a light spattering of other colors.  Great color pops can also include just 1-2's all in the design and style of the room, as well as personal tastes and preferences. 

Below, the walls are neutral, leaving room for a bold piece of furniture like that teal chest. Variations of blues and greens are scattered in the room in smaller doses, as seen in the pillows, the lamp, rug, and the decor.....

In the photo below, a small side table was painted lavender, a favorite color of the home-owner.  The same color was incorporated with another small side table in the adjoining room.  Not too much purple, but just enough to pull in one of three accent colors in the room. 

The color scheme for this room was orange, purple, and teal.  Variations of these colors were scattered throughout the room. The walls and furniture are neutral, allowing for more color in the decor/accessories. 

The color scheme for this room was orange, purple, and teal.  Variations of these colors were scattered throughout the room. The walls and furniture are neutral, allowing for more color in the decor/accessories. 

And this dresser was painted in a bold, bright pink to pull out the smaller bright pink accents in the bedroom's bedding.....

3.  Decor/Accessories

Decor and accessories bring in your accent colors. Without them, color schemes would be much more difficult to achieve, and not as fun.  Think of decor for the home like your belt or your awesome scarf that completes an outfit.  Decor is necessary to complete a room. 

Let's take a look at these bright and bold accessories that effectively pull in color:

Pendant lamp shades in a turquoise and white geometric design add color to a kitchen....

A navy blue sunburst mirror showcases the primary accent color in the room, hanging center-stage above the fireplace mantle.

A stack of books is another simple way to add color  If you love books, start displaying them! They add so much color and vibrancy to any room....

Floral arrangements and plants are one of the simplest and most versatile accessories in a room.  They are easy to change out with the turning seasons, and with your evolving color schemes...

4.  Rugs

Don't forget the floor!  Rugs anchor a room, pulling together the upper and lower portions of a room.  When the floor is neglected, the result is a top-heavy room, with all focus on the top half.  Adding a rug provides visual balance, and rich-ens up a room almost instantly.....

5.  Wall Art

The great thing about walls is they can be easily changed. Nothing is permanent (unless you've gone through the ordeal of hanging a 314 pound mirror)  Those pieces we leave be if at all possible.  Aside from those, you have free reign of your walls.  Bringing in color with wall art can do wonders.  When the walls are accessorized, and accessorized well, a room can go from dull to exciting in seconds....... 

Don't be afraid to let your personality show in your wall decor!  Go for color. Try a new color scheme. See where it takes you!!

Color is a detail that matters in any room! It is one of the most important details.  Having a plan for color scheme is imperative, and placing color strategically will take a room from good to great.  

Start small, and work your way up toward something bigger and bolder.   Who knows, one day you may be the proud owner of a bold, lime green hutch.....

To happy times ahead.....with color!   

Need help deciding on a color scheme?  Not sure where to start? Contact me for your FREE home consultation.  Let's figure this color thing out!   

Check out my other blog posts below.....must be nearing 200 of them by now?  That's a lot of blogging....and you know what?  I love creating content to inspire you in your home decorating endeavors! It's a life-long journey, and no one should do it alone! 












Traditional Painted Hutch + Vision = New home office accessory

Hello everyone!  Thank you for checking in today!  Today's post is very exciting, because it demonstrates the very essence of Novo Decor Co.!  I've had a beautiful hutch waiting for a new home all winter.  A handful of people had expressed interest in it, but, the common theme I was hearing was "I just don't have the room for it", "I wish we had more room!" or, "Our wall space is so limited".   That got me thinking......

Have you ever used a piece of furniture in a non-traditional way? For example a coffee table as your kids' lego station, or a dresser as a TV stand?  Thinking outside the box when it comes to our furniture can lead us to some pretty awesome discoveries.   When I think about uses for furniture in non-traditional ways, I almost always end up fixing that "problem" room or space in our home.  Thinking creatively about how you can use your furniture, or where you put your furniture can be a total game changer for your space!  It can also open your eyes up to space you never knew you had! 

On that note, I'd like to share a story about the game-changing experience a customer of mine, had when she began to think outside the box about furniture!  I was thrilled to get there, by helping her "see" the potential that a particular piece of furniture had in her home, even though she thought she had no room for it. 

The initial conversation

I posted this photo of a hutch on Instagram a while back:

Sam had commented on the photo, stating she loved the hutch, but had no wall space for it.  I responded back to inform her of the recent price reduction on the piece (awesome!), but what I really wanted to know was, could she think of the piece in a location in her home that she wouldn't have thought to put a hutch?  So I suggested she think of non-traditional spaces and uses for the piece.  And here's what happened...

The birth of a home decorating game-changer

She emailed me back stating she was contemplating her office space as a potential "home" for the hutch.   She asked several good questions about the piece (storage, sturdiness factor, function, and look of the piece in an office).  She then went on to make an extremely valid point, saying, "I know if I buy the hutch, I won't be able to transform the space like I want and I will continue to have that door shut (office door) and not show off the beautiful piece".   Then you know what happened?  She asked me if I had anything to fill the hutch with.  Here was my reply:

"UM, YES MA'AM"  (that wasn't my immediate or exact response to her, but I'll admit my inner voice was shouting out to the heavens!).  Here was my actual reply to her concern:  "If you like the way the space looks, and it's organized, you might be more inclined to use the room, and leave your office door open."   My thought process was that a organizational piece like a hutch would provide storage, reduce clutter, and consequently, help create a room she would want to see and spend time in.  Then of course I responded "Yes" to her question about filling the hutch.  

Asking me if I have decor to fill a hutch is like asking a grocery store owner if they have groceries to fill your cart! 

I was confident I either had, or could obtain decor that would look great in the hutch.  So what next?  I created a private Pinterest board specifically for her to get a feel for what she likes/doesn't like in a styled hutch.... 

Pinterest Inspiration + Vision + Customer's Taste = Home decorating game changer

I pinned pictures of accessorized hutches and bookcases that were consistent with the customer's taste. Then I invited her to join the private board (so we can both pin photos to it, AND see each other's pins).  As I suspected, she loved what she saw.   I asked her if she wanted me to style the hutch to give her some ideas.  She responded, "yes, that would help me envision it".  So, I cruised on over to my inventory of home decor, and pulled together a number of items to fill the hutch.   I sent her a photo of the styled hutch and then....

she asked how much the whole thing would cost

(hutch + decor = happy customer)

The Outcome

With my support for a vision, and our discussion about the functionality and location for this hutch, Sam felt confident the purchase was right for her and for her home.  Not only did she feel good about the functional use for this piece in a room she rarely used, but she had the chance to view the hutch, completely styled to her liking, before she made her purchase.  I bet her home office door won't be closed anymore!!!  And I bet she will spend more time in that home office as well. Stay tuned for an upcoming post on how I styled this hutch!!!!  And wouldn't it be great to see her home office when it's completely done?  

Re-Cap of the home decorating game changer

1. A piece of furniture in a photo appeals to a customer

2. Customer states she loves the piece, but has no room for it

3. Customer starts to think about non-traditional uses and locations for the piece

4. Customer has light bulb moment! "I'll use it in the home office!"

5.  Customer is concerned that she won't know how to style the hutch, or room, and the room will be left unseen, and not used. 

6.  Visual inspiration is shared through styled hutch ideas on Pinterest. I provide additional suggestions for additions to the room like a comfy but contemporary office chair.

7.  Hutch is styled for her at Novo Decor, and a picture sent to her for viewing

7.  Customer loves what she sees, and now has an exact visual of what the hutch will look like in her home office

8.  Customer purchases the hutch and everything in it.  All uncertainty and hassles with styling her new hutch are eliminated!  (she also ordered herself a chair for the room, as per my recommendation!)

"I know if I buy the hutch, I won't be able to transform the space like I want and I will continue to have that door shut (office door) and not show off the beautiful piece".   

Uncertainty about how to style a piece of furniture or a room is a common concern for many, and one that I aim to eliminate!  But the good news is, there is a solution!


Look in your rooms and determine how the space could or should be utilized more efficiently and effectively.  Decide if you like the way it looks, or if it needs help. What don't you like?  If you identify that something needs changing, that's the first (and sometimes most difficult) step.  But not quite sure of the next step?  

I can help.  

I dream at night about re-designing your space for you.  Finding ways to use and transform what you already have (your furniture AND your decor) is one of the most fulfilling aspects of my job, and the heart of my business.   Infusing fresh design; inspiring personal style....and helping you see potential in your space in resourceful ways. It's what I love to do. 

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