Room Transformation: See how I pulled all the details together for a room that pops

Welcome to the final day in the series Home Decorating Projects: Get Them Done!  If you've tuned in this week, I hope you took away a tip or two on the little details that are so important in room design and decorating.   Today's post illustrates how the details really do add up!  And, when attention is given to the details, a room stands out and makes a statement.    

That is what happened to the two rooms you are about to see.  By incorporating color through textiles, accessories, furniture, and wall art, this living space came to life.    Here is the kitchen BEFORE its transformation (I had already painted the kitchen set, which you see in the picture)....

The kitchen set received a fresh coat of paint and new upholstery in a vibrant red/orange and white geometric print.  In choosing that particular fabric, the customer went out of her comfort zone (yeah! with a little nudge from me!), and she ended up loving the result.

Kitchen set BEFORE: 

Kitchen Set AFTER: 

What about the rest of the room?

It became apparent to the home-owner that the rest of her kitchen and the adjoining living room weren't working with her newly painted kitchen set.  The set now had color, but the rest of the space didn't. It was time to take it to the next level.....

Give me Accessories! 

The first item on the agenda was to add color.  This was achieved by adding plenty of accessories.   Wall art, additional accent furniture, table decor, and a variety of patterned throw pillows brightened up the space instantly.  No longer did that kitchen set stick out like a sore thumb.

Living room BEFORE: 


Don't forget the window!

With plenty of color added to both rooms, the bare kitchen wall with the window needed attention.  A pair of navy blue and cream geometric window panels, and a fun colorful print (that the home-owner picked out, wahoo!) helped provide visual balance between the kitchen and the living room: 

Here it is TODAY:


Color was pulled in through the window panels, accent pillows, wall art, table decor, and furniture.  The essential details I highlighted all week on the blog were included in this room make-over, and the result is a beautiful living space that the home owner loves. 

Additionally, a sea grass rug beneath the table, and a wicker chandelier, along with the smaller details like place mats, a table centerpiece, and greenery all provide additional texture throughout the room.  Texture adds richness to a room. 

Textiles like pillows, throw blankets, window panels, and a mix of geometric patterns created visual interest and depth to the space....

A variety of decor was used in both rooms; some I brought in, and some already owned by the home-owner (that's the beauty of home decorating Novo Decor style!).  All the accessories worked to pull the rooms together.  

Re-doing a room (or starting from scratch) can seem intimidating.  Knowing the basic components necessary in room design makes a big difference.  Start with the larger items (like the wall color, the furniture), and then fill in all the gaps with the details I outlined this week on the blog.  There aren't so many details, as there are possibilities!

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