Giant rustic letters for your wall

If you saw my post on moving our 11 year old son Samuel's room to our basement, then you know we've had some re-arranging to do as our other two sons now have their own rooms. Vince, our 9 year old, kept the room they shared  (we call it the "northwoods" room), and Luke re-located to Samuel's old room.  What did this mean?   This meant a whole new room to create.  

In the process of planning Luke's room (our 6 year old), I decided on neutral light gray walls, blue and green accents (his favorite colors), and some rustic decor for the freshly painted walls. Then, the idea struck.  I had wood scraps in the garage that would make a perfect giant letter "L" for his wall.   The end result was simply marvelous!   Here it is:

Making this was not difficult, however, if his name started with an "S", I wouldn't be saying that. LOL.  I have yet to learn to make curved wood cuts (this has been added to my agenda, after an interested someone commented she "just wants to buy one" in response to my Instagram photo of the mighty letter).  For that I thank her.....always good to reach beyond our comfort zone and try new things!  In summary, this tutorial is only for non-curvy letters and straight cuts (like "T", "I", "E", "H", and "L").  Here's what you will need......

Materials needed

1.  Wood:   1x4 or 1x6 boards will do.  If you want really giant, thick letters, you could go with 1x6 boards.  I used the 1x4 size and it's still giant, believe me.   I used pine boards, but any type of wood will work.  Below is how pine boards look before paint/stain. 

2.  Wood cutter/saw:  I'll admit my husband cut the pieces for me.  The electric saw scares me, but I know this is something I have to overcome!   Home improvement stores will cut pieces for you, if you ask them.  Or, if you're really lucky, you will find the size/type of wood you need for your pieces in the clearance/scrap wood section at Menard's, Home Depot, or Lowe's. 

3.   Stain:  Any wood stain works.  I used MinWax brand stain in dark walnut. 

4.  Cheapo sponge brush, or old T-shirt:  This is what you'll use to apply the stain to the boards  

5.  Rubber gloves:  Protect your skin. Stain is messy and no one wants brown hands

6.  Old T-shirt: for wiping off excess stain

How to Make a Giant Letter (non-curvy letters)

1. Cut your boards to the sizes you need.  I made an "L" so I only needed two boards.  One longer piece, and one shorter piece.   I eye-balled the lengths that I thought looked best. 

2.  Stain your boards:

Staining is fast.  You don't need a nice brush for this and you don't have to meticulously paint the surface.  Just quickly cover the whole surface with your cheap-0 brush (and edges), and wait about 10 minutes. Then wipe off with an old T-shirt.  I did not stain the backs of the boards, as that part will obviously be against the wall when hung. 

I did not apply a protective finish after staining because I knew the it wouldn't be touched or handled, so I left it be. 

3.  Hang your letter!  I took the easier way out and did not attach the two boards before hanging.  Instead, I positioned each board on the wall.  My husband held the boards in place while I pounded a long, thin nail into each end of the board, directly into the wall. So, I used 4 nails to get the "L" hung.  You can't see the nails, unless you look for them up close. 

You could also attach your pieces on the backside  (there are pieces made specifically for this), then attach hanging hooks on the backside of your letter.   

And that's your 6 ingredient, 3 step process for creating a giant rustic letter! I chose to stain my letter, but there are so many possibilities for incorporating a piece like this into any room. 

If you make your own giant letter, I'd love to see it!  Post it to Novo Decor Facebook page

If you'd rather purchase one, just contact me below!  I'd be happy to customize one for you.