Novo Decor: The Mission

Greetings and welcome to part 3 of Novo Decor: The story behind the name, logo...and the mission!  If you saw the earlier posts in this series, I hope you enjoyed the behind-the-scene stories of how it all came to be!   (If you missed those, the links at the bottom of this post will take you there).  This final part of the series covers the objective of Novo Decor Co. , or, in other words, my business "mission statement".   Every business exists to serve a purpose, or mission.  So what is my Novo Decor's mission?  

The statement above is the foundation for Novo Decor Co.   Novo Decor focuses on this objective,  and today, I'd like to share how.......

Home Consultation

I provide home consultation to view your furniture and your home.  That way I can provide you suggestions that fit your home aesthetic, as well as offer you the most accurate price estimate. The consultation process involves a conversation between us, usually lasting about an hour.  I draft up a plan for your feedback and further discussion as needed.  In one to two weeks time you'll have your estimate and a plan. That's it!  For more information just click below: 

The Blog

I've always enjoyed writing.  I started blogging before Novo Decor Co., as a way to document my home projects.  I named the blog, "Little Green Ranch".  (I really do live in a little green ranch!).   I had many projects to write about but wasn't sure how or where to begin. I continued to pluck away at my blog, adding a new post here and there, when an idea struck. When I started Novo Decor Co., and received orders for custom pieces, I blogged about those pieces.  I realized how much I loved documenting others' projects!  With each new order came a fresh idea for a blog post to share.  Over time I found blogging to be instrumental in helping support my mission.   I love telling YOUR story, sharing my process behind the transformation, seeing YOUR reaction,  and showcasing the outcome.   Blogging allows me to do this, and now when I write, I have outlines containing topics and ideas that align with my mission statement.  Though I do share tutorials on my own projects from time to time, my blog is ultimately for YOU, and in many ways, by YOU!  


To learn the why's, how's, and what's behind Novo Decor Co. take a gander over to my website.  Click HERE to view it!  My website is a work in progress.  I continue to learn as I go, and I love every little tweak along the way.   If you asked me two years ago what a URL was (a web address),  I honestly wouldn't know.  Now I have one!  (  There are so many aspects to any website, but my ultimate goal for, is that it is a place you think of and go to for fresh ideas, and inspiration for decorating and painted furniture. My website is a reflection of who I am and how I provide products and/or services you can trust, and will love!  

Social Media

Novo Decor Co. is on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram.    If you are on any of these social media platforms, find me! (see my contact information below). I post current projects and ideas on these platforms regularly in order to communicate my mission. When I showcase a photo on Instagram I hope it inspires you!  Or maybe that facebook post you glanced at yesterday will give you an idea for your own living space!  I am your resource in decorating, home design and furnishings, and I'd love to help you create a living space, or a piece of furniture you are crazy about!  Simply click on the links below and you've found me!     





Infusing Fresh Design; Inspiring Personal Style

The definition of "infuse" is "to introduce, as if by pouring".  Can you visualize a room in your home being "infused" by awesomeness that communicates your style?  What is this awesomeness?  It comes from a variety of places, one being your own home!  What do you already own that could be transformed and "infused" with fresh design?  This is one of my favorite things about what I do; using YOUR furniture and decor in new and different ways; ways that speak to you and showcase your style.   Here's an example of how a room was "infused" with fresh design, while using some of the owner's existing decor: 

For the finishing touch in this room I was happy to help the owner find a rug suited for the space, and I can't wait to see it now that it's in!   Inspiring you to transform your space into one you love is about team effort!  I am happy to be the head coach, a teammate, or both.  In any case,  I aim to infuse fresh design, and inspire personal style.  The possibilities for your home and your furniture are truly endless.....and within reach.   Let's get infusing!  Let's get inspired!

Is there a photo or a post I've shared that "spoke" to you in some way?  What caught your eye or drew you in?  Have you contemplated taking it a step further and reaching out to me?  I'd love that!   Click below to send me a message: 

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