Chic, modern wall art: 3 ways, 3 minutes

Every year at this time, I get a little antsy and want to move things around the house. Christmas is long passed, and all the decorations are put away.  The house still feels bare.   Sound familiar? We might find ourselves looking at our "stuff" and aren't real excited about it (because we've had the same picture on the wall for 16 years!).  Well, that's about to change....with this super easy and resourceful wall art idea........

Chic, modern art 3 ways, 3 minutes


With the supplies from this list, you can create 3 fun and super chic modern art pieces, in literally 3 minutes (or less!)

  • Picture frames of all sizes
  • Computer/Printer with color ink
  • Card stock (regular paper is fine too)
  • Scrap book paper, or any paper
  • Books (that you don't mind taking apart)
  • Scissors

Chic, modern art Method #1:  

Find scrap book paper you love.  Cut it to the size of your frame.  Open your frame, place the paper inside, return the backing to the frame.  Hang your new picture.  Done! 

This works for a single piece of wall art, or you can create a gallery and do this with a collection of frames.  By using this method, you can easily carry over your color scheme with the paper inside, filling an empty wall space in no time: 

Chic, modern art Method #2: 

For the kids' rooms or play areas, use pages from their favorite books to create fun wall art in 58 seconds.  You can also use the same idea for a "grown-up" book, using pictures inside that inspire you: 

Your new picture can stand alone, or, create many of them for a gallery wall of pictures that share a common theme.  Using book pages automatically creates your theme, so no guesswork involved, trying to figure out what pictures "go" together!  

The mini gallery wall below is in Luke's room. He loves animals:

Chic, modern art Method #3: 

This method requires a computer and a printer.  My piles of post-it notes with quotes, and bible versus has gotten out ofcontrol, therefore, I've started a journal.......but I've also started making them into art......

Recently I found a quote I loved so much, that I typed, and framed it.  Now we can look at it daily. Talk about easy art, yes? 

And that's a wrap for the easiest, modern chic art YOU can create with items you already have on hand.  Let your home tell your story!  Hand-making your wall accessories is a GREAT way to showcase who you are, what you believe, and what you want to share with others.  Resourceful. Fun. Inspiring. 

So, if you are like me at this time of year and want a little refresher for the home,  give these methods a try, and be prepared for the possibility that you may never look at wall art in stores today, quite the same way again! 


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Make color happen at home: 5 ways

We are nearing the end of week #4 in the home decorating series.  If you've tuned in and are familiar with the series, that's great! If you're new to it, welcome!  This week is about the little details that shouldn't be forgotten when decorating! Because when all those details of a room are well-planned, and implemented, they can take a room from good to GREAT.  

Today's topic is color.  Color is vital in any room.  Though color can be overwhelming and scary, there are so many smaller, less scary options for bringing in color!  Whether you're a risk taker with color, fear it, or find yourself somewhere in the middle, here are some examples to get you thinking....

1.  Textiles (like pillows, blankets, curtains):

In the above examples the dominant color (the one that takes up most of the room) is light gray, on the walls.  Blue and green accents were pulled in with textiles.  Don't you just love saying that word, "textiles" (the speech pathologist in me talking)

2. Painted Furniture

A painted piece stands out and can communicate a color scheme instantly.    Multiple painted pieces can have the same effect, but be sure to use caution when it's time to add the decor.  Bringing in too many different colors everywhere can confuse the eye/brain. Choose a color scheme, and stick with it.  I typically suggest 3 colors, with a light spattering of other colors.  Great color pops can also include just 1-2's all in the design and style of the room, as well as personal tastes and preferences. 

Below, the walls are neutral, leaving room for a bold piece of furniture like that teal chest. Variations of blues and greens are scattered in the room in smaller doses, as seen in the pillows, the lamp, rug, and the decor.....

In the photo below, a small side table was painted lavender, a favorite color of the home-owner.  The same color was incorporated with another small side table in the adjoining room.  Not too much purple, but just enough to pull in one of three accent colors in the room. 

The color scheme for this room was orange, purple, and teal.  Variations of these colors were scattered throughout the room. The walls and furniture are neutral, allowing for more color in the decor/accessories. 

The color scheme for this room was orange, purple, and teal.  Variations of these colors were scattered throughout the room. The walls and furniture are neutral, allowing for more color in the decor/accessories. 

And this dresser was painted in a bold, bright pink to pull out the smaller bright pink accents in the bedroom's bedding.....

3.  Decor/Accessories

Decor and accessories bring in your accent colors. Without them, color schemes would be much more difficult to achieve, and not as fun.  Think of decor for the home like your belt or your awesome scarf that completes an outfit.  Decor is necessary to complete a room. 

Let's take a look at these bright and bold accessories that effectively pull in color:

Pendant lamp shades in a turquoise and white geometric design add color to a kitchen....

A navy blue sunburst mirror showcases the primary accent color in the room, hanging center-stage above the fireplace mantle.

A stack of books is another simple way to add color  If you love books, start displaying them! They add so much color and vibrancy to any room....

Floral arrangements and plants are one of the simplest and most versatile accessories in a room.  They are easy to change out with the turning seasons, and with your evolving color schemes...

4.  Rugs

Don't forget the floor!  Rugs anchor a room, pulling together the upper and lower portions of a room.  When the floor is neglected, the result is a top-heavy room, with all focus on the top half.  Adding a rug provides visual balance, and rich-ens up a room almost instantly.....

5.  Wall Art

The great thing about walls is they can be easily changed. Nothing is permanent (unless you've gone through the ordeal of hanging a 314 pound mirror)  Those pieces we leave be if at all possible.  Aside from those, you have free reign of your walls.  Bringing in color with wall art can do wonders.  When the walls are accessorized, and accessorized well, a room can go from dull to exciting in seconds....... 

Don't be afraid to let your personality show in your wall decor!  Go for color. Try a new color scheme. See where it takes you!!

Color is a detail that matters in any room! It is one of the most important details.  Having a plan for color scheme is imperative, and placing color strategically will take a room from good to great.  

Start small, and work your way up toward something bigger and bolder.   Who knows, one day you may be the proud owner of a bold, lime green hutch.....

To happy times ahead.....with color!   

Need help deciding on a color scheme?  Not sure where to start? Contact me for your FREE home consultation.  Let's figure this color thing out!   

Check out my other blog posts below.....must be nearing 200 of them by now?  That's a lot of blogging....and you know what?  I love creating content to inspire you in your home decorating endeavors! It's a life-long journey, and no one should do it alone! 












Gallery wall: REVEAL

Happy Friday!  This week kicked off the series "Home decorating projects: Get Them Done" with a focus on that annoying empty wall (and how to fill it!) If you saw this week's posts, I really hope you learned a tip or two, and are inspired to try a gallery wall!  If you missed those posts, no can see them HERE, HERE, and HERE

Today we're seeing the final reveal of a gallery wall I created for a customer (and friend, and my son's teacher a couple years back!).  Brenda had a home project on her to-do list for quite a while. She wanted to create a wall of family photos.  

But, her dilemma time to tackle it, and uncertainty about how to begin.  

Brenda found a solution.  She contacted me to make it happen for her.....and I was thrilled to jump in.  As you might have guessed, gallery walls are a favorite home design element of mine! Love doing them.      

Today, Brenda can officially check this task OFF her list and enjoy her new gallery wall.  


Step 1:  Consultation & Planning

The process began with a home visit with Brenda.  This allowed me to see her color scheme and decor style.  We talked about ideas for colors, frame style, as well as possibilities for a sign to go in the collection (like "family" or "blessings")  I drafted up 4 different gallery wall lay-outs, and she chose this one:

Step 2:  Preparation

Brenda's job:  Gather 10 photos,  based on sizes I recommended.  Brenda went with six horizontal 5x7 photos, and four 8x10 photos (2 horizontal, 2 vertical).  

My job:  Design the lay-out, obtain and customize the frames.  Incorporating 10 different picture frames and a hand-made sign that was consistent with Brenda's style was the key objective.   She was open to color, and a mix of frames, which is great because that is what makes a gallery wall stand out.  Here's a look at the preparation.....

Step 3: Finalize lay-out

I used a simple and convenient method for determining the gallery arrangement. .  You can view that tutorial HERE if you like!  

Here's what that process looked like: 

The photo above was posted to Facebook via Instagram....and Brenda commented, "LOVING these frames. I hope they are mine!".    Music to my ears.  Install day was around the corner....

STEP #4:  Install the gallery 

And the best part.....FINAL REVEAL DAY!.......  

Color, natural textures (wood), and neutrals were incorporated into this gallery, complimenting what Brenda already had going on in the room.  At the same time, the mix visually enhances her space.  It looks great and will be the first thing anyone sees upon entering the front door.  

Brenda loves her new wall.....and here's what she had to say about it....

Your decorating endeavors can be EASY, HASSLE FREE, FUN, and INSPIRING!  Above all, they should be a reflection of who YOU are.  I'd love to help you create your beautiful, "hand-made" and resourceful home! 

THANK YOU so much for tuning in this week!  I had a blast sharing tips with you on how to accessorize your empty wall!  Join me in saying GOOD-BYE to those boring empty walls, and HELLO to gallery walls!  



The Man Wall: Make a statement gallery wall with your "man" decor

Hi!   For those of you tuning in for the first time, WELCOME to Novo Decor!  I am so glad you are here.  This is my blog, where you will find information and inspiration for your home decorating endeavors!  

This week kicks off the "Get it Done" series; a series to jump start your home decorating projects that you've longed to tackle (forever!)  Been there?  I sure have.  This week our topic is empty walls, and how to fill them.  Whether you're married, single, living alone, sharing an abode with someone, a man, a woman, or small mammal, this post is for you.  

Maybe you can relate in some way, shape, or form......

I asked some of those same questions, before we found our solution..... 

Karl (my husband), has a number of "man" decor items which happen to be sports-related.   Each piece at one time or another has made an appearance in all 3 houses we've lived in over the past 15 years.  While I do have an appreciation for his things, I always struggled with where to put it all.  How could I combine all that "stuff" with "my" pretty accessories?  Despite his occasional plea to hang the Muhammad Ali/Sonny Liston picture above our mantle (which did end up there once, in fact), we finally figured out a great solution:  

A Gallery Wall  

Get out that "man" stuff (anything from sports memorabilia, or hobby collections, to any other "man" decor-related items), because today we're going "gallery-style" with your great "stuff".  

What's a gallery wall?  It's a collection of "things" you love, that are displayed together on the wall.  So, dig through your boxes and take a trip down memory lane, because you're going to learn to display all those "man" things you love! 

Here's how: 

1.  Gather the items (framed items, pictures, old score cards, letters, autographs, cool brochures from your ventures in the Outback, maybe even smaller equipment like a glove, or tennis racquet.     Go find it!    Anything goes at this point. 

2.  Find a wall in your house that works for your items.  (you may want to designate a separate room, if your space allows!).  If you share an abode with someone, I recommend agreeing on location before Hank Aaron, or Fabio ends up on the wall of the sanctuary of your master bedroom, or your "man cave".  Wow, I totally just used Fabio as an example.  Not sure where that came from, but I find it hilarious!

2.  Decide which items are "keepers" for the wall, and which to omit.  Begin trial and error with different arrangements of the items.  (see yesterday's post: Method for hanging a gallery wall HERE)

3.  Place frame-able items in frames (like the autographs, letters, old pictures, etc.).  While you'll have a variety of different items in your gallery, you still want to maintain some sort of cohesion and sense of completeness. Frames help achieve that. 

4.  If you have equipment to display, consider a small shelf as part of your gallery. it's OK to combine framed items, and objects in your gallery.  Or, hang the pieces directly on the wall (like the tennis racquets below).  By the way, those racquets are NOT Karl's childhood racquets. I thought it would be fun to throw them into the mix. 

5.  Hang your Gallery!  (See this step by step method HERE)

SUMMARY and additional TIPS: 

In this week's earlier posts I talked quite a bit about the "no rule", rule.   (see those posts HERE and HERE). When it comes to displaying the things you love, it's all about trial and error.  When you get it right, your eye will tell you.  And if you don't, your eye will know that too.  Just keep swimming!

And, did you know......

that displaying items together makes a bigger impact than scattering them all over the place? With a "man wall" in our house, it really does make a statement and tells a story.  Now, we no longer have to discuss who's going on the mantle, or think about how to combine our decor.  And, every time we're downstairs in our basement (on the treadmill, which I'm on for roughly an hour a kidding, or playing with the kids), we see the "man" wall.  And a great "man wall" it is.   

So, what do you think? Do you see a "man wall" in the future of your home?  Have some fun with it! 

As always, I'm here to help!  I can get your started, provide suggestions for your particular living space, find the frames and other items to pull together your wall, AND..........(drum roll).....I can even install your gallery for you.     

Don't miss tomorrow's REVEAL of Brenda's new wall gallery!!!! 

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Get It Done: Week #1- Accessorize your empty wall

Welcome to "Home Decorating Projects: Get it Done".  Today kicks off a four week series about home projects that we so desperately want to get done, but just NEVER do (or don't know how!).  It happens to us all, for a variety of reasons. Well, get ready to break out of the rut! Each week I will feature a different home decorating project, with a final REVEAL post on Friday.  The objective?  To inspire and motivate you to start those projects you've been putting off and GET THEM DONE!  If your project is more than you can handle, I feel your pain.....and I can take care of it for you.

Are you with me?  Let's get it done people! 

Week #1:  Tackling your empty wall (with a Gallery Wall)

You know that gigantic empty wall in your home that you have no idea how to fill?  You walk past it and shutter because It has stumped you since the day you moved in.  Yes, that wall. Good-bye empty wall, hello wonderfully accessorized wall!  

This week's story: problem & solution

Brenda, a new customer of mine, had an idea for accessorizing a large wall in her living room (family photo gallery).  But, she had a couple problems:  

1.  She didn't have the time to get it done, and

2. She wasn't sure where or how to start.  

Her solution:  She contacted me, we met to discuss her wall, and a plan for her gallery wall was born.  Soon, Brenda can officially check this home decorating project OFF her list!  (See Brenda's finished gallery wall on Friday!).  

Gallery Walls

Gallery walls are collections of items that when hung strategically, can beautifully tell your story and create visual interest.  They can be simple, complex, and anything in between! 

Below is an example of unlike items that when displayed together, make an impact. This is a mix of color, texture, and meaningful family photos. The wall is even functional with a chalkboard for leaving fun love notes: 

Getting started with your gallery wall

1.  Explore your home, in search of that very bare, sad wall.  Or, maybe you know the exact wall that screams for attention.  That's great.   Start there..... 

How's this for an empty wall? 

How's this for an empty wall? 

2.  Visualize that wall fully accessorized.  What types of things would you love to see hanging on that wall? Do you have photos you've never framed?  Do you have old pictures or memories not being displayed?  A set of really cute kitchen towels you love too much to actually use? Throw them in frames!  Anything you can hang on a wall is fair game.  

Preparing for your gallery wall

3.  Find your items: Mix the old with the new.  

4.  Once you've gathered the items you like, love, and even the ones you don't like/love, play around with different arrangements of those items. You might discover you like these items even better when TOGETHER, and you'll know which ones need to be omitted. 

The example below is one of my favorites.  It is a collection of larger art pieces that my parents have purchased over the years.  They decided to hang all four of them in this eye-catching arrangement.  Best of all, each picture is symbolic of us girls (my mom, my two older sisters, and I).  Can you guess which one is me? 

5.  Think about what size gallery wall you want and its purpose.  Big? Small? Focal point of your room?  Below is a gallery wall created for the sole purpose of making the TV a little less obvious.  While there's no getting around the fact that the TV isn't moving and sticks out like a sore thumb, it no longer appears to be floating in space because the photos surround it, providing balance. 

And lastly.....

6.  Say your final good-bye to that bare wall, and go for it!  Hang your items!  Then admire your work. 

So, you've learned a great way to fill that empty wall!  Don't worry about rules.  Do what your eye tells you.  If it doesn't look right, change it until it does.  I don't think anyone gets the perfect gallery wall on the first try!    So go ahead and gather what you love, arrange (and re-arrange), and fill that wall to your heart's content! 

Don't miss tomorrow's post on my simple method for hanging your gallery wall (it doesn't even require measuring!)  We like it.  And so will you! 

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New Room Reveal: Home Office

Not too long ago I shared a post about using furniture in non-traditional ways in order to maximize your living space. If you missed that post, you can take a look at at it HERE   Today I'm sharing the results of a recent room refresh, where the home-owner added a piece of furniture to a room she had never thought of before.  Together we re-created the space into one she can use! 

Here is how it happened.....

Furniture spotted on Instagram.... 

Sam, the home-owner, spotted this painted hutch.   She doubted whether she had any room for it in her home, but when she thought about using her spare room as her home office, she changed her mind!  The hutch could provide the storage she needed, and also display things she likes. 

Accessorizing the hutch...

The hutch was styled for Sam.  Examples of styled shelves were given to her through a shared Pinterest board. This gave me an idea of the look she wanted.  To see the full post on how we styled the hutch, click HERE


Color inspiration came from the hutch (cream/orange).   We also pulled in navy, a color that is relatively new to Sam's home color palate.  The office was already painted in a neutral gray, providing a nice backdrop for wall art. 

Decor and Styling.....

Once the hutch found a place in the room and was styled, Sam realized she needed some support with pulling the room together.  She knew she wanted a rug, a chair/ottoman, additional lighting, and a side table. I pinned examples of these things to our shared Pinterest board (a private board that only Sam and I can see), which helped her decide what style she wanted for the room.  Below were her selections......

A navy blue chair & a "pouf" (aka: ottoman)....

a modern globe floor lamp, geometric shag rug, and a mid-century modern side table... 

The Outcome

With my help and support for developing a vision for un-used space, and finding the pieces necessary to complete the room, Sam now has a use-able and well-accessorized home office. A hassle-free room refresh and a great little home office Sam can be proud of! 

Now for the part you really want to see....the completed room!

On the wall opposite the chair/window, I hung an arrangement of frames and mirrors. The bold frame is coral/orange, not pink as it appears in the photo!  The white frames pop against the gray wall.  Additional seating is beneath this wall arrangement; consisting of two small red-orange chairs.  Sorry no photo of those to share.  Drat! 

I love helping you see the potential in an unused space in your home!   Breaking down the task into steps can help, like Sam did with her home office:  

1.  She added a new piece of furniture she loved (the hutch)  

2.  She established the function for the room (home office) 

3.  She selected the pieces necessary to complete her office (with help from Novo Decor!)

This was a fun room refresh.  Thank you Sam!  I hardly recognize the room now, and I hope you enjoy your new room. 

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Four Walls Four Ways: Gallery Style

Do you have a huge wall that is impossible to fill up?  Sometimes a large statement piece is all that is needed, but it is fun to change it up by creating gallery walls using the things you love. Gallery walls are timeless and can be done in so many different ways.  It is fun to experiment with your decor by creating a gallery wall that not only says something about you, but that you love to look at everyday.  And, they work great for large wall spaces that need to be filled!  In today's post, I am showing you 4 different gallery walls.  Each one creates visual interest, and displays its own unique look. 

1.  Living Room-Fireplace/Mantle 

If you look past the poor quality of this photo, you see this gallery wall!  The white frames were consistent in this arrangement.   To create this gallery wall, I painted old frames I already had, gathered photos of our family, and re-created a totally new look for this wall.   I also added several small mirrors to the mix....because I ran out of frames!  To see my trick for hanging a gallery wall like this click on this link:   

2.  Office: 

In the example above, random pieces were gathered and arranged together.  The result is a colorful and dynamic display that is pleasing to the eye!  This arrangement was a great way to add life to this large, empty wall.  Do you have pictures or framed "memorabilia" stored in your basement?  I have had success hanging old picture I was sick of, only to gain a new appreciation for them once again, when they were displayed in a gallery setting.  Get out those old pictures and try a gallery wall!  Another great thing about these walls is you can add, remove, replace, and repeat!   You'll see the same wall below, with a few tweaks here and there....  

3.  Fabric Wall:

Gallery walls don't have to include pictures or frames.   In the above example, fabric was used over various sized canvases.  This was an effective way to add color to the room, and to be resourceful by using older canvases that became outdated.  These canvases were made using fabric, and a staple gun.  That's it!  

4.  Kids' Art Wall: 

Children's art is beautiful.  And it can be used to accessorize your walls!  In the example above I used white frames (I really like white frames!), some with matting, others without.  Then, I chose a collection of my kids' art pieces, cut them to size, and place them into frames.  I love seeing this collection when I'm working at my desk.  

Gallery walls are about displaying the things you love in a dynamic and visually pleasing way. Adding color and life to your walls is a great way to enhance the aesthetic of your rooms, and your homes.   Displaying collections is also an effective way to fill dead wall space.  Do you have collections that you might consider displaying?   How will you dress up your walls this spring? 

If you need tips on how to get started, or if hanging a gallery wall seems like a daunting task to you,  see the link below for step-by-step instructions!   

My Simple Method for hanging a Gallery Wall


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