Teen Bedroom: made to order

Hello! It's snowing today. Alot.  Grrr.   To lighten our winter blues, I thought I'd share how this bedroom make-over story unfolded.  This has been such an enjoyable project. From working with the customer to creating a room rich in color, texture, and personality, it has been a fun journey.   Tomorrow is the big day....where the room actually gets put together.  I cannot wait. 

Here's a glance at the process that Victoria (the teen), and her mother, underwent as we embarked on this room make-over journey: 

1.  Initial home consultation  

I visited their home and we talked about Victoria's goals for the space. Her style and color preferences were discussed. She showed me some magazine pictures she liked. 

2.  Return visit

Within a week of our first meeting, I created a "Victoria" Pinterest board, and compiled product photos for her to look at during our second visit.  The return visit allowed us to finalize a plan.  I had the "green light" to get started.  At that point, they knew what specific key pieces they would obtain for the room (new storage bed frame, chair, and window hardware).  I covered all the rest. 

Victoria and her parents prepared the room (removed old items and furniture, repaired nail holes on the walls, applied fresh paint, assembled the new bed/headboard, and installed the window rods. The room was ready for its make-over! 

3.  Room Installation:  

This is the part when the room is put together! All the wall art is hung, the bedding is placed, the desk/chair, window treatments, and all other accessories for the room are put in their place! 

If you missed the sneak peek of this make-over, click this link: 

 Bringing the outside in, with this dreamy bedroom make-over

Dreamy Teen Bedroom Re-cap

This was Victoria's wish list: 

And these were the magazine pictures Victoria cut out to show me at our first visit: 

The picture above has a splash of bold color in the two storage ottomans, which caught Victoria's eye.

Victoria stated she loved the hexagon shelves in this picture. Soon you'll see what I did with that!  And, I would venture to guess that she also loved the pattern in the picture, too. (See photos below!)...

And this picture above screams texture and once again, pattern! From the natural wood materials of the desk and chair, to the pillows, headboard, bedding, and rug, the fact that this picture caught Victoria's eye, means she really likes texture and pattern (and blue, and chartreuse green!).  

And we're off!

Victoria is going to love her new room (at least I sure HOPE she does!).  Stay tuned for the pictures captured during, and AFTER the room install TOMORROW!!!!

Now quit it snow!