Teen Room Make-over: Incorporating personality into a space

Do you spend more time in one room in your house, more than another? Why? Do you notice how a particular room in your house makes you feel, good or bad? The answers to these questions could very well be centered on your emotions, and mood.

Believe it or not, our surroundings affect us; in more ways than we realize.

In these before/after pictures, you’ll see how certain design elements change the entire look and feel of the room.

Teen Bedroom:

This room was re-done to specifically reflect the personal style and interests of the teenager who lives there. Before the make-over, the room contained a number of things that had been “outgrown” by the teen. While she did have several of her own art pieces on the walls, she had grown tired of them. Plus, she became a teenager along the way, and wanted a room that reflected her personal style; a room that matched her personality.

Victoria BEFORE grid #2.png
4 photo grid BEFORE.png

The three main design elements that really made a difference in this space are texture, pattern, and color. This teen loves greens and blues. So I planned the whole room around those colors.

blues and greens.jpg

I also added plenty of texture through pillows, curtains, and bedding.

pillows and texture.jpg

Since this teen loves nature, and the outdoors, I included a gallery wall of frames containing pictures of nature-related themes. A customized bulletin board was also added for reminders, pictures, or all the little “things” teens need to display.

Lastly, a blue desk was added for a fun pop of color, and for function. She wanted a place to do her homework. This petite desk is perfectly scaled to this “petite” room, and it serves an important function, too. Color pop, AND function? It’s a win win.

Victoria AFTER grid #1.png
desk wall before after.png

Mixing patterns is a hallmark of Novo Decor style. Mixing patterns gives off a feeling of whimsy, or playfulness. We certainly know that teenagers are whimsical beings, and so, mixed patterns ensued.

desk accessories.png


Notice how even though blues and greens dominate the color scheme, there were also neutrals to balance it out. Neutrals can be found in the chair, and the variety of woods (bulletin board frame, large wall art frame, shelves) . Woods do NOT have to match. In fact, a room is more visually interesting when they don’t.

desk chair window shot.jpg

Our emotions and surroundings impact us….

If you’ve never thought about how your surroundings affect your mood and emotions, start! I would bet that you’ll discover how you feel in certain places; good, bad, and in between. And, once you uncover that, you may even start noticing why a room makes you feel that way……

….And THAT’S when the magic happens….because you’re one step closer to gaining insight on what can be done about it.

We change, and so do our tastes

Whether we realize it or not, our tastes and styles change, as we change. By adding a color scheme, fun patterns, function, and personal style to the bedroom you see here, this teen is excited to be in her “new” room, and naturally spends more time there because of that!

Changes to your surroundings do not have to be big, or complicated! Even simple changes in a room can totally change your perspective, and mood!

Not sure where to start? Schedule your FREE home consultation with Novo Decor and get tips customized to your space!

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Have a wonderful weekend!!!