Thrifty Spring-ready Rooms

Yuck!  More snow.  Makes it hard to "think spring" doesn't it?  At this time of year, Wisconsinites are antsy for change.  We are ready for the snow to melt and get out in our yards.  Spring is also a time many of us clean the house, like REALLY clean it.   Re-decorating might even be our on our to-do list.  We've all heard the saying, "Out with the old, in with the new", right?  Well here's a spin on that..."Out with the old, in with the "renewed!"   The "renewed" refers to all those diamonds in the rough found at thrift stores, that with a little vision and some simple updates, result in beautiful "new" decor!

To recognize the potential in these "diamonds in the rough" I've devoted the past week to "The Thrifted Home" series.  It's a great time to start thinking about what we'd like to change in our home interior, as well as learn some easy ways to get there!   Being ready for change doesn't have to mean get rid of the old, but rather, how can we change the old to look new?   By changing, or updating decor, we can freshen up an entire room....and we're spring-ready! 

In today's post you'll see examples of decor that was updated to fit the look and feel of their new space.   And you'd never know the secret behind their former life!   Pull it all together with a little bit of brand new, and already owned pieces....and the result is a well-polished, and visually pleasing room.

Example #1:   This old yellowing lamp shade was easily updated with white paint.  The lampshade was snatched up immediately because it was the perfect gi-normous size that I needed for a mega lamp base I found.  Using a paint roller and white paint, a bright new lampshade resulted. See the completed lamp below, and the lamp in its new space.  

Example #2:  This thrifted chair needed a partial update.  The wood frame was beautiful already, so I left it untouched.  The upholstery, however, needed to go! It was worn and outdated, so I replaced it with a plum colored small print fabric.   I love the mix of natural woods with pops of color and modern patterns like the black and cream geometric rug below...... 

Example #3: This wall art used to be black, with the cream wall peeking through all those intricate openings.  Since the goal for the room was to lighten and add color, the solid black decor was too heavy for the space.  Simple remedy:  change them!  They were painted white and gold (using spray paint), then, a  vibrant orange fabric was added behind each piece. The center square was filled in with a navy and white patterned paper.   Now, we've got new decor that "pops".   

Now that you've seen a few examples of what can be done to "old" decor, how can you update some of your pieces for a fresh spring look?  It doesn't have to be a big project either. Some of the smallest changes can make an impact!   Need a new color scheme?  It might not mean purchasing all new items, but simply changing what you already have!   

So let's not let the latest snow fall get us down!  Spring is coming!  Until then, think spring....and think thrifty!  Whether it's a thrifted item you found at your local second-hand store, or decor you've had for years, there is way to add a new touch to your space! 

Have fun and thrift on my friends!  


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