Chic home decor under $5

Hello and welcome to the blog!  Here you'll find all sorts of tips, tricks, and behind-the-scenes on projects I am working on.  Today I'm sharing a great thrift find that set me back.....are you ready?......$5.    

The search

Miscellaneous racks at thrift shops can look crazy, and overwhelming, but can be gold mines. This vase was hidden (the best finds almost always are!), and caught my eye for several reasons:  

1.  Color

2. Size

3.  Shape.    

I don't think I know anyone who dislikes the color green!  Green is so versatile. There are tons of shades and families of greens.  It's a great accent color for any room.  This green caught my eye. 

The larger size of this vase is perfect for a mantle accent. A common mistake when decorating mantles is to place many smaller pieces on it.  Solution:  Choose a few large items to place on the mantle!  Larger pieces catch the eye, and make a statement. 

The unique shape of this vase is also a winner.  When I'm out shopping at second-hand stores, I'm always looking for items that are unique in shape. 

The deal

Let's do some comparison shopping.  The vase on the left is my thrifted vase. Cost: $3.99.  The vase on the right is from Pier 1 Imports.  Cost:  $59.95.  I saved $55.96.  Not bad! 

The vases share common characteristics, making it almost impossible to discern "thrifted" from brand new. I'm certainly no glass expert, and would be interested to know the difference in quality (or maybe there is no difference!).  Either way, the green vase is a gem. 

Displaying Vases

Got vases?  Going "thrifting" for some?  Here are some quick tips on decorating with them: 

1.  Display them in groups of odd numbers (like 3 or 5 vases)

2.  Use them for fresh flowers from the yard

3.  Display one large vase alone (remember, the bigger the accent piece, the better; especially if you have a mantle, or a larger area to accessorize)


Decorating with accessories of varying sizes, shapes, and colors can really make an impact.

Vases are EVERYWHERE, in every single thrift shop I've ever visited.   Embark on your vase search and you will be pleasantly surprised at the great pieces waiting for you! 

Do you have vases or unique decor on your mantle?   

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Thanks for reading the blog today!    

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