Your 2016 top 10 Favorite Photos from Novo Decor!

Hi there!  I hope you are having a fabulous Christmas week!  Today I'm sharing 10 of your favorite pictures posted by Novo Decor in 2016!  Whether the pictures received "hearts" on Instagram ("hearts" on Instagram are like "likes" on Facebook), "likes", comments, or "shares" on Facebook, these pictures felt the love.  Your "likes" and comments, though they may seem like small things......aren't small at all!  It is so appreciated. 

Pictures can communicate to us in so many different ways.  I hope that a photo or two from Novo Decor has captured your eye in 2016, or communicated to you in some way.  Under each picture, I've included the original caption, because........why not?! 


"It's the kids' first day back to school. I don't think I've seen the surface of this cabinet since school got out....and a vase on it now?  Mama's happy.  It's the little things. Lol."

"Kids' art is one of the best ways to add color to your home!  This one's getting framed!"

"Mid-century modern "bling or bust" dresser sneak peek.  I know I said white paint, and there is.....just not on the drawers!"

"Preparing paint colors for a customer visit tomorrow.  I could eat this sample board covered in all this great color!  Seriously, what if paint was edible and flavored according to color? Would you try it?"

"Giant, rustic, and super fun letter wall art for your kids' room (or yours!).  Watch for my simple tutorial next week!"    See that tutorial at this link:   DIY rustic wall letters

"Loving this geometric coffee table. Who's with me?"

"Christmas decorating "Take one"!  Do you spot a DIY accessory in this picture?  Take a guess at which item I made, and get entered to win a prize at my open house on December 3!!!"    

(fyi:  the "winning" guess was the garland around the fireplace)

"Novo Decor has started gearing up for the upcoming holidays, and we're getting our plaid on over here this week!  A classic plaid adds such a fun holiday pop to any room!" 

"Experimenting with geometric patterns on table tops....things are really getting crazy over here!  What do you think about bold geometric furniture? 

"Who loves pattern?  This girl!  Who loves mixing pattern even more?" This girl!"  

I hope you enjoyed seeing the 2016 top 10 favorite photos from Novo Decor as much as I enjoyed sharing them with you throughout the year!  I look forward to another pictures! 

Have a wonderfully blessed Christmas and a happy new year!!


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