Top 8 Most Popular blog posts in 2015

We are nearing the very end of 2015!   I hope your year has been one filled with good health, fun times with family and friends, accomplishments, and joy!  I am really looking forward to a new year of growth for Novo Decor Co.  and can hardly wait to launch new products and offerings!   As part of the 2015 "wrap-up", I want to devote this post to the top 8 most popular blog posts of 2015.  

These 8 posts were chosen for a few reasons.  First, they stirred the most engagement among readers which makes blogging so much fun. Engagement with my readers makes me happy, and is so vital to my business.  Second, these posts involved challenging projects.  I love a challenge and always seem to learn a tip or two when tackling difficult projects.  And third, these projects were fun.  Achieving the outcomes and sharing them was the ultimate gift!  

So, with that said.....grab a coffee, sit back, and enjoy....

Top 8 blog posts of 2015

1.  The CABINET Make-over:  This was a doozy piece of furniture to paint, but the outcome was well worth every brush stroke.  From a brown and drab cabinet to a beautiful, bold statement piece, this cabinet tops the list!  I enjoyed writing about the journey and of course, sharing it with you!  Additionally, the final reveal was super fun and enjoyed by many.  If you missed that reveal, you can click on this link:   Scroll down to the Video section and click on the first one listed.   Enjoy.    

Here is a before/after photo of this cabinet:

To see the full posts on this cabinet click here:  

Furniture Re-furbish update and the Journey to a Bold Statement Piece

Evolution of a Cabinet: final post in Novo Decor Co. "kick-off"furniture re-furbish event

2.  Farmhouse Table:  My husband and I tackled building a farmhouse table from scratch.  We were both very happy with the outcome.  The project received a great response from readers which is why I'm including it here!  See the table before/after staining and paint: 

See how we made this table by clicking here:  Farmhouse Table: Build Your Own

3.  Wall Art:    Wall art doesn't have to be expensive at all!  Many people loved this post about creating chic, modern wall art using a simple trick:   Turn thrift store framed pictures into new updated art, using paint!    Here they are.....

From old....

To new: 

See the full post here:  Turn old art into modern, chic art with this simple trick

4.  Small, but Mighty Desk:  This was a desk turned bold and beautiful with purple, gray and re-stained wood! It is a great desk and was in need of a little "update".  See it below: 

To see the full posts on the "Little but Mighty" desk series click on this links: 

Little Desk Big Statement

Little Desk Big Statement: Sneak Peek

Little Desk Big Statement: Final REVEAL

5.  Room REVEAL:  This was my first room re-fresh in 2015.  What fun it was!  And I think its owner was pleased as well.   I offer several room packages that involve transformation of the owner's already existing furniture, pieces I seek out, decor, and styling.  This room involved decor updates, new additions, and refurbished pieces for a fresh new look.  Here is the before/after: 

I was super excited about the response and engagement from this room re-refresh, and I really look forward to many more room transformations in 2016!  They are just so much fun. To see related posts on this room and the process click the links below: 

New Room: My Process

New Room: My Process, Today!

New Room: REVEAL  

6.  Kitchen Set:  This kitchen table and chair re-do was a hit.  From a brown out-dated set to a fresh new set with color, this post stirred some attention!  It even inspired the owner to do a complete room re-fresh.  Yes!  (see #5 above!).    Here is the set before and after its make-over: 

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Color + Fabric= New Kitchen Set

Kitchen Set: It's Reveal Time

7.  How To Hang a Gallery Wall:  I love sharing simple tricks to help you decorate!  Hanging a gallery wall can be overwhelming; especially without some sort of system in place.  My system has worked wonders in my home, and if you tried it, I hope it did the same for you!  Thinking about a gallery wall in 2016?  Then this is the post for you.   Here is the link to the post:   My Simple Method for Hanging a Gallery Wall

8.  Novo Decor Co. Web-site LIVE!  The day my website when LIVE was a huge milestone for me.  My website, the hub of my business, is where it all comes together.   It encompasses who I am, what I do, and why I do it.  It is the place where I share my work, with high hopes of inspiring others.  I posted the announcement of my new website in May, 2015.  And since then I haven't looked back!  


My blog allows me to showcase what I do in ways that invite you in, and hopefully, keep you coming back for more!  My posts aim to inspire, empower, educate, and entertain.  If you've followed along with my blog, a sincere "Thank you".  Your  comments, "likes", and "shares" have meant a great deal, and It is this engagement that is truly the heart of Novo Decor Co. 

Are you new to Novo Decor Co.?  Hop on board.  I'd love to have you!  I can be found a number of ways....stay tuned for an upcoming post titled, "Finding Me is Easy in 2016" 

Here's to many more blog posts in the new year ahead!