Home decorating trends 2018: Part I

I recently came across a 20-item list of the top decorating trends of 2018.  Today, I'd like to share 7 of them with you. Take them, or leave them, they're what's happening right now in home decorating.  And, just because they are on trend now, doesn't mean you have to get rid of them once something else comes along to take their place! 

Some things are timeless, and never get old.  Other things.....do.  You be the judge.   Which one of these "trends" in 2018 do you love?  Which one could you leave behind? 

7 decorating Trends in 2018

1.  Gallery Walls  

Gallery walls are awesome for so many reasons. They showcase a home-owner's personality,  and instantly create style in a room. They also add pops of color, and add visual interest to any wall.  Best of all, they are easy to do!!! Use pictures you already have, and display them together! 

Have a big empty wall? Try a gallery wall in 2018.   Get all sorts of actionable tips for hanging your gallery with these blog posts: 

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So you have a gallery wall hanging method, now what? 


2.  Neutral Earthy Tones

I love color, and typically add pops of it whenever I'm working on a room.  But, just as important as pops of color, are natural materials and colors, to balance a space. Examples of a natural material are wicker, or sea grass.   

neutral flat lay.jpg

3.  Books....they're not just for reading

I was thrilled to see books on the list!  Books are SO under-rated!  Especially now, in this digital age.  Books are becoming a rarity in households.   What to do with all your old books??  Decorate with them, of course!  Books serve multiple purposes in the world of decorating.  

Books add color, and texture to a room. They can be stacked, with items placed on them for varied height, and dimension. They can be turned backwards, so all you see is their wonderfully white/cream color pages. Or, they can even be leaned against a wall....like on your mantle!  

I could keep going about books...... I mean look at these!!!!!  Beautiful. 


4.  Fresh plants and flowers

Yes plants!  If you have a green thumb, this is great news for you!  Your ability to keep your plants alive and kicking, will allow your house to be totally on trend this year!  Woohoo! 

No green thumb?  You're covered.  Grab some fresh flowers at your local florist, or grocery store!  Put them in a giant glass vase, and set them in the smack center of your kitchen table.  Nothing says style like a vase full of fresh flowers.  And they smell wonderful too! 

gold mirror.jpg

5.  Pink (not the singer!)

It's fun to see this one on 2018's trend list!  I cannot get enough pink.  All shades of it.  We have a ginormous pink 9x12 rug, and I LOVE it.  As you can imagine, I totally did a happy dance the day it was delivered to 4609 Nicole Lane. Then, shortly after that I did another happy dance when I unrolled the rug, and the beauty was unleashed. 

Don't be afraid of pink!   Pink is for adults too.  Pops of it are smashing in a room.   Add one or two killer pink accents to a room, and you're totally on trend this year....(and every single year after, if you ask me!) 

here she is! 

here she is! 

Does decorating with pink sound scary?  Click the link below for my tips and suggestions, and you'll be a pro with pops of pink....

Pink home accents for grown-ups

6.  Recycling and DIY (all the way!)

For those of you who like do-it-yourself (DIY) projects, this trend will never lose it's glam for you.  When you can decorate a room resourcefully, and get a fresh result, it is so very satisfying.  Everyone should try it. 

If DIY sounds terrible, or even just not good to you, but you love the concept of being resourceful, and you enjoy a home that looks fresh, fun and "you".....

call Novo Decor pronto!!  I've been looking for you, and would LOVE to re-create any space for you, girlfriend. 

7.  Golden metallics

Yeahsssss!  Gold.  Get ready for my run-on sentences, as this one may even be more favored than pink.  Gold is classy.  Gold is timeless.  And, did you know that all that brassy hard ware in your house that has bugged you all these years is "the" thing now? Yep, those brassy faucets are your friend. 

Gold accents do to a room, what a little lipstick or mascara does to a woman.  The room and the woman are beautiful; and when the gold accents and make-up is added, their beauty is enhanced!  

Embrace your brassy doorknobs and drawer pulls, my friends! Go for the gold, and don't look back! 

gold dipped legs on nesting tables

gold dipped legs on nesting tables

That wraps up today's list.  What do you think?   Are you liking any of today's 7 home trends in 2018?  Do you have at least one of them in your home?  Which one!!!??? 

Stay tuned for parts 2 and 3......and see the rest of 2018's home decorating trends!!!!