Home decorating trends 2018: Part Two

Hello and welcome to my mini blog series about 2018 decorating trends.  Trends come and go, but there are some that have a long, happy life.   Earlier this week,  I kicked off with Part One of this series. If you missed that on Facebook you can catch it here: 

Home decorating trends 2018: Part One

Today, we're picking up where we left off:

8.  Black and White

Decorating a room with black and white accents can be striking. What do you do to ensure you're doing it "right"?   A room completely covered in black and white, can be overwhelming.  It's always good to have a pop of some type of color with it.  

Incorporating a pop of color in your black and white room creates more visual impact, and adds some whimsy to a room.   In the photo below, the splash of green really pops against this simple black and white color scheme. 

Photo from Country Living  

Photo from Country Living  

9.  Coffee bar space

Ditch the booze bar, and go for the coffee!  Coffee bars can be as simple as designating an area in the kitchen for all your coffee supplies, and maybe a few fun coffee accessories.   If you're counter space is limited, find a bar cart, or a small table and create your own little coffee nook. Check out this adorable coffee station from "Artsy Chicks Rule" (photo via Pinterest). 

I love how they used an old dresser for their coffee station.  Super functional, and cost effective! 

coffe bar.jpg

10.  Pops of green!

For you green lovers out there, this is your lucky day!  Green is a hot color right now.  And, it can be ANY green which makes trying this trend, easy and fun.  

I decided to try it in our bedroom. The set of three frames below, were easily changed out using left over green fabric I had.  I chose three different patterns, and shades of green.  It works.   I had zero green pillows, so I am making what I already have, work.   It is tempting not to buy a new green accent pillow, but I've got to practice what I preach: Use what you have and mix it up! 

TIP: Look at green color swatches and see which shades speak to you. Or, browse Pinterest! You're sure to find a green hue that draws you in!  

watermark green accent.png

11.  Natural lighting

We all love a little natural lighting, but not all of us have tons of windows.  If that describes you, I suggest investing in some good lighting.  Lighting can make or break a room.  From table and floor lamps, to hard-wired ceiling & wall fixtures, lighting plays a huge role in any room. 

These hard-wired wall sconces look great in this room.....

photo from the rustic pallet, via Instagram 

photo from the rustic pallet, via Instagram 

12.  Open Storage Spaces

I love this option in kitchens. The beautiful farmhouse style open shelving arrangements are HUGE right now.  People actually knock out cabinetry, to achieve this look.  I'm not taking it that far, but there are other ways of having chic, fun open storage spaces.  

The example below is a great way to maximize corner space, and it looks awesome too. 

photo from  Centsational Girl , article title: "11 Kitchen storage spaces you completely forgot about" , via Good Housekeeping

photo from Centsational Girl, article title: "11 Kitchen storage spaces you completely forgot about" , via Good Housekeeping

Open storage isn't limited to kitchens. Try it in your kids' playroom, bathroom, living room....ANY room can wear open storage well!

13.  Kitchen Minimalism

"Kitchen" and "Minimalism" are an oxymoron to me.  (I haven;t used that word "oxymoron" since AP English class!).  But seriously, it's not an easy feat keeping a kitchen de-cluttered, and "minimalist" looking!  Are you with me?   There is, however, something to be said for simple kitchens, which is what this trend is getting at.  

Functionally speaking, minimalism in the kitchen means have what you need, and nothing more.  Put away the small appliances and things you don't use everyday.  De-clutter your counter tops, tables, and walls.  Remove "things" on top of your cupboards that you haven't touched in 8 years.  Keep it simple.   

From a design standpoint, examples of minimalism mean very simple cabinetry (without knobs even!), appliances that blend in with the cabinetry, and simple lighting that goes unnoticed.  Here is what this looks like:  (ths style isn't for me, but many love it) 

Photo from Comfy Living

Photo from Comfy Living

14.  Velvet

Velvet is BACK!  Don't let that freak you out. This doesn't mean your house has to look like Herman and Lily Munster's.  Incorporating this trend can be as simple as trying a few velvet throw pillows.   Or, go big with velvet, and try a sofa like this one: 

Photo from  homeyohmy.com    

Photo from homeyohmy.com   

That sofa is deliciously gorgeous....and it's navy too.   If a big velvet sofa is too much for your style, curtains are another great way to bring in velvet.   

And that's a wrap for PART TWO of 2018's home decorating trends blog series! 

Which of these trends do you gravitate toward?  Which one can you do without??   I hopped on the green band wagon in our master bedroom, and all it involved was replacing three frames (and maybe a green accent pillow, if I maintain self-control!) 


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