Turquoise Cedar Chest: Must go this Weekend!

It is Saturday morning.  Wahoo!  Who loves Saturday mornings as much as I do?   It seem Spring might finally show its face and actually stick around a while.  And this is a great thing because the home "shop" just tripled in size to include our garage!  With this shop expansion and spring orders rolling in, I've got to make room!

So what does this mean for you?  

It means reduced pricing! 

Today's featured piece is a great cedar chest painted in a hand-mixed teal/turquoise chalk paint, and lightly distressed.  The color is striking.  The chest was in very good condition before I worked on it, with no need for prep-work or repairs. 

This is a versatile piece that could be used as a bench in an entryway (throw some cute pillows on it), or at the foot of the bed.  It would be a great addition to any dead space beneath a window, or wall-mounted television.  Chests also make great non-traditional "couch tables".  Not only does this piece pack a punch of color, but it serves as a great storage option.  

This piece has to go!  

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