Two Chairs; Two Styles: Diamonds in the Rough REVEAL

Hello!  Today I bring you a blog post featuring two really great chairs with two very different styles!   Different they are, but placed in the same room.....dynamite.   Do you love an eclectic mix like I do?   From different furniture styles, to colors, and accessories, a room with an array of different things is a fun room to be in.  And I'm pretty certain that a room with these two chairs in it, would meet the criteria for fun!  

CHAIR #1:   Mid-century modern accent chair

This is a simple accent chair with clean lines.  I would call this style mid-century modern.  It is a great example of a piece that certainly stands on its own, but when thrown into the mix of a room, it's even better!  Its neutral color and bold pattern compliment each other well.  Here is a look at the chair before and after it's make-over: 

Tip:  upholstered chairs are a great way to experiment with patterns.  You don't have to start with the largest textile in the room like curtains to find out whether you like pattern or not.   That would be scary experimenting with an item that large!  Just start small! 

With its good bones, great structure, a vision, and a little TLC (okay, alot of TLC!)  a chair with attitude was born. And I certainly won't take credit for the "vision" its owner had the idea for a neutral gray base color with a bold patterned upholstery!  Awesome job Denise! If you missed the last post on this chair, here's a peek at an area that needed quite a bit of elbow grease:

Nothing that sanding cannot fix!  And here is it's fresh new look:

Chair #2:  Rocking Chair

The second chair is an old rocking chair that was freshened up with some chalk paint, sandpaper, and a polyurethane finish  (matte finish).  A matte finish is a good choice when you don't necessarily want shine to your piece.  This old rocking chair really just needed to keep its "old" vibe, hence, the chalk paint, distressing, and matte finish. 

I realized that I do not have a "before" picture of this rocking chair for you!  Shoot!   I do, however, have an after shot....(the most fun shot anyway!)

I left the wicker as it was, and just painted over its previous darker/painted finish.  Now the rocker is a great mix of neutrals and naturals, and with a great throw blanket or an accent pillow it is complete. I know this chair will "rock" its new look in any room of the house!  

And that is an example of two very different styles, but styles that CAN be in the same space! Try mixing up your furniture!   

Which of these two chairs is more of your style?  Maybe you like both? Do you have an old rocking chair that needs a little TLC?  Or maybe you've thought about re-upholstering your dining or kitchen chairs? See these related posts below......   

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