Two steps to your 2018 Christmas bedroom

To some, it may seem early to talk Christmas decorating, but, for those of us who enjoy decorating, it’s not! I ventured out to the stores this week, and ever since, I’ve had Christmas decor on my mind.

Who’s with me?

One fun way to decorate for the holidays, is to add a thing or two to your bedroom! But what do you add? No one really sees that room, right? Wrong. YOU do! Why not bring some Christmas cheer to your haven?

So what does Christmas look like in the room where you sleep? Here are two easy ideas:

TWO STEPS to your Christmas Room

  1. Find a holiday pillow!

    Holiday pillows are everywhere. I found this one a couple years back at TJ Maxx:

bed 2.jpg

I love the simple red print against the white background. I also love it because…….J= JESUS FIRST; 0= OTHERS NEXT; Y = YOURSELF LAST.

The red floor lamp and the pillow provide just enough holiday red to get the Christmas season feel

The red floor lamp and the pillow provide just enough holiday red to get the Christmas season feel

Pillows. Throw one of these on your bed, and you’ve got yourself an instant Christmas bedroom…..


2. Red Spray Paint

Spray paint one thing you already have in a holiday color like classic red . Outdated lamp base? Not anymore! Or, visit a local thrift shop, and find something you can use, like a mirror, or book end. Then get out the spray paint!

I found a brassy floor lamp, and the instant the Christmas bug struck, I was setting up my spray paint station in the garage, spray paint can in hand!

THAT’S IT! Two of the all-time easiest, and fastest ways to bring Christmas into your bedroom, or any room in the house!

And, if you are really into the Christmas bedroom idea, there are tons of great ideas like these…..

photo from

photo from

photo from

photo from

From Birch Lane via Pinterest

From Birch Lane via Pinterest

Are those rooms Christmas dreamy or what?! Yours can be too, with just 2 simple steps!

Happy spray painting, and pillow shopping!

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