How I turned this dated home accessory into a chic, fresh accessory

Greetings.  If you've seen my posts, even just a few of them, you know I'm a thrifting addict. This means I LOVE going to second hand stores anywhere I see one, and finding the diamonds in the rough nobody wants!  Turning them into awesomely cool and fresh home decor is the icing on the cake.  I use this strategy with our home, and every room design job I work on.  Every single one. 

Today I'm sharing how a simple home accessory can be re-created into something fresh and current.    

I started with this giant tub '0 something at Goodwill.   I liked it's size, shape, potential function, and the fact that it only set me back $3.99: 


I certainly wasn't loving the ducks (and they even had scarves on), nor the stenciled border along the bottom.  But these things are no big deal....with a vision, and some paint. 

I decided to keep it simple with just three colors.  I ran painter's tape along the top of the duck's heads, and along the bottom, below their "feet".  Then I covered the ducks right up by painting that section black: 

step 1.jpg

In the picture above, I had already removed the painter's tape.  The ducks were still showing through the black paint, but before I dealt with that, I wanted to cover up the bottom border that was previously stenciled on.  You can see that below. 

I used cream paint, and again, placed my painter's tape for a clean edge all the way around. 

step 2.jpg
step 3.jpg

It was time to cover those ducks once and for all.  Once the black paint was dry, I applied painter's tape in a simple triangular fashion.  I kept it simple, doing this all the way around the piece.  

step 4.jpg

I eye-balled it while taping the triangles, making sure that I placed the tape equally distant from the previously painted triangle (I removed the painter's tape as soon as a triangle was painted) 


And that's it!  This took me 30 minutes or less.  I am planning to use this piece for an upcoming customer design job I'll be installing later this month.  I think it will serve its purpose well. 

Now that it's done, I am debating adding a fourth color, and perhaps a few more triangles.  Sometimes when I glance at it, I feel like I see a monster's mouth (the mustard yellow triangles are the teeth, and the black is the darkness of the mouth).  What do you think? 

Here's a look at the piece in a styled situation, which gives you an idea of how it could potentially be used: 


There you have it. This is a simple way to update an old, tired piece of home decor.  The best part, is that you can customize finds like this in any way, to fit your style/colors.  That's a win-win all around don't you think? 

Thanks for reading!


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