Ugly table to Fall front porch feature

I recently found a pair of side tables that were really dated and un-attractive! But of course there is usually something special about a piece that attracts me, and it ends up in the back of the mom van.  Today you're going to see what happened to these tables..... 

Since I could not stop myself from painting one of these tables immediately upon arriving home, I almost forget to take a "before" picture! But you can at least see the "before" ugliness x1.....

See what I'm saying?  Not attractive.  BUT, the chunkiness of it is what drew me in.  During fall, I am drawn to rustic, wood, and chunky decor.  These tables are perfect for outdoor fall or Halloween displays.  They seem low for side tables, but for benches they are golden!  

How I made ugly tables not ugly

  • I used chalk paint (see this easy tutorial for home-made chalk paint HERE!).  I opted to make my own for this job, because I impulsively decided to start painting these tables, and therefore did not want to get on-line to order chalk paint, or go to Home Depot to buy some. 

Why chalk paint?  It sands easily, no need to prime before painting (if the piece doesn't need "fixing" first), and quick dry time.  

  • For a more rustic finish, I used quick light brush strokes (so the dark wood would show through the paint), with light layers of paint.  Two layers were enough. 
  • I let it dry and lightly sanded.  Done! I chose not to apply sealant.

How you can make ugly tables not ugly 

1.  Do it Yourself! For you diy-er's, here's how:

  • Get a small, ugly wood table (like a bedside table, or living room end table)
  • Choose your color.  Use "home-made" chalkpaint. See tutorial HERE, or, buy chalk paint at the store (Home Depot, Hobby Lobby).  You will need only a single tub of paint (8 plenty).  If you make your own chalk paint using the tutorial above,  use acrylic craft paint at Hobby Lobby for your base.  
  • Paint brush (cheap brush under $5 will get the job done)
  • Fearless determination to paint your table.  Be sure to use quick, short brush strokes, with light paint application. Light paint application with two layers is better than heavy paint in a single layer.  You can complete two layers in about 40 minutes, allowing dry time between layers.
  •  Once you are satisfied with your paint coverage, let dry.  Apply sealant (recommended).  Outdoor/indoor clear polyurethane or polycrylic will work.  
  • Sand lightly for a smoother surface (320 grit sand paper) 

2.  Leave your ugly wood table alone: Don't paint it.  

The tables in today's post could could still have accomplished the "rustic" vibe for a rustic front porch display without paint.  I probably wouldn't have used the tables that way inside the house, but for the porch, yes.  Can your tables accomplish your front porch goal without paint?  Something to consider. 

3.  Contact Novo Decor! For those of you seeking a totally hassle-free process with no paint brushes, chalk paint,'s how: 

  • Click the button below to contact me with your questions, information about your table, or photos of your table.  I will get back to you pronto.  If you wish not to do-it-yourself, you are not alone!  We will discuss a plan and I provide an estimate.  Easy. Hassle-free. 

There you have it.  What once was an ugly and forgotten table (like seriously forgotten in a lonely corner at the store), is now a centerpiece on our front porch this fall.  Yours can be too!!!

From ugly to fall fabulous front porch feature.   And no trees were cut down in the making of this piece. Smart. Resourceful. Inspiring.  Second hand....what else? 

Thank you for tuning in today!!! Hope you feel inspired to give that old ugly table a second chance! 

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