Website Improvements: I need YOU!

As I've learned the ropes of blogging and the basics of website design, I've identified the need for improvements to my website.  Improvements that need to pronto!  Whether you follow my blog regularly, browse my website from time to time, or have been to my site just once,  then you've had an experience with  I want to know about that experience; the good, the bad, and the ugly!   

I will be grateful for any and all feedback you have, because ultimately it will provide you a better user-experience at   And I want visitors (you!) to have a positive experience; one you would do over again.  With that said, be honest!  You won't hurt my feelings. I promise. 

How you can help 

Please leave your comments and feedback using any of the methods below. And remember, any feedback is good feedback!  Your input WILL make a difference.

1.   Comment directly on the website, at the end of this blog post

2.  Comment on Facebook (below this post)

3.  Send an email (

Questions/thoughts for you to consider:

1.  Is the website easy to read and follow?  

2. Is it easy to find information I want or need?  

3.  Did I run into any "dead end" pages on the website while browsing?  (example: were you left at the end of a page, and nowhere to go but off the site, or to the "menu" to locate other areas of the website?).  By the way, if this is a "yes" for you, my deepest apologies!  I've experienced this myself on other sites, and know it can be frustrating.

4.  Did navigating through the website seem too time consuming?  

5.  Was navigating the website confusing in any way? 

5.  What did you think of the "shop" page?  (if you've visited the shop before) 

6.  Text at 920-627-1001

Of course I welcome any positive feedback you have as well.  If something has gone well for you during your experience on my website, or you enjoy something specific about my website, please share that too.  I'd love to know!  

I Need You! 

I am currently reviewing and dissecting my website, and have identified the hiccups and biggest priorities.  But, in order for this website restructuring process to be most effective, I really need your input!  Your words will speak volumes to the immediate needs of my website, and will help make decisions as I make "tweaks" to the site. 

Please share your feedback and help me reach my website goals!

Because let's face it, we all want on-line information to be clear, fast, easy, and without hassles. That is what I want your experience at to be.  And I want you to return, again and again!  

Thank you in advance!  Your comments are truly appreciated!