Local business gets wintry fresh entryway!

Hello! Today I finished an entry way for a local business; turning it into a winter wonderland!  It really makes me want to grab a coffee and sit down with a good book, right smack in the middle of it (but that wouldn't go over well with people coming and going all day long, would it?). I would definitely look like Elf (aka Will Farrell). 

So here we go....are you ready???

I had a blank canvas to work from (THE BEST)....

wall before.jpg

I started by covering the wall with awesome birch tree adhesive wall paper. This stuff works great. After reading reviews about it on-line, I was pretty confident this was what I wanted for this space!  It was relatively easy to handle, and what an impact it makes!!!

Once the wall was covered in awesome birch trees,  the real fun began.  I brought in all the accessories.  From the painted "window", to the large evergreen (artificial), trunk, and smaller decor items, the space was re-created into a fresh wintry scene. 

big tree.jpg

For a simple wreath (x3), I took apart winter floral arrangements and glued a couple pieces to to each twig wreath.   Burlap is always a favorite for ties and bows....you can see I am not a bow tying expert.....I just knot them and let the ends flow as they may.   It totally works! 

tree base.jpg

I love the rustic look of this basin for the tree base.  The tree's actual base strangely fit perfectly into the grooves of the rim of this basin.  It was meant to be.   I used two cute kitchen towels for to cover up the tree's tri-legged base, letting some sections hang over the basin's edge.  


JoAnn Fabrics was my friend for finding giant pine cones, and the smaller tree.  I did make a trip to Hobby Lobby (so bummed it's down torn to shreds in Sheboygan). Gosh, it's a bummer that we have to "make a trip" now to go to Hobby Lobby.   Ah, I miss that 10 minute drive. 

fuzzies and florals.jpg

Those fuzzy things....I just love them.  They add a fun touch to any floral arrangement! And would't they be cute on a line of fishing wire....hanging from the ceiling. Cutest snow ever. 

wreaths and trunk.jpg

And of course what's a winter scene in Wisconsin without firewood.  A friend let me grab some pieces from her giant wood pile, and then I found the perfect old and weathered basket to place them in.  


And I threw those white fuzzy things in with the wood......again.....so cute. 

bottom half.jpg

I love how the white florals in the tree look like snow.  The tree was boring with nothing in it, and to maintain a winter theme that can last until spring, I didn't want to add any ornaments.  These flowers (from Menard's!) worked great broken into smaller pieces, and sprinkled throughout the tree. 

looking down.jpg

It's a Winter Wonderland indeed

And that's a wrap for today's front entryway transformation!   I am dying to try the adhesive wall paper in our house!   But, that will have to wait....because I've got some more fun projects to share with you in the upcoming weeks....

How's your holiday decorating coming along? I'd love to see what you've done to make your home holiday-ready!!!   Post a photo to my FaCEBOOK PAGE HERE!!!  and comment with: "My/Our winter wonderland".  


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