Flashback Friday: Teen Dresser

There are many stories behind the pieces I've had the privilege of painting!  Not only are the final reveals fun to share, but the actual process from start (consultation) to finish (end result) is equally fun, because I  love turning an idea into reality, and working with people to get there. 

But there's a problem!  

When I post something to my blog, that post gets pushed further and further back into the blog "archives", where basically, it is lost in a sea of other blog posts.  That just doesn't sit well....

The Solution?

 "Flashback Friday"!

These stories and the people I've worked with along the way are just too good to leave in the archives forever.  That's where "Flashback Friday" comes in.  Now, each week you'll catch a glimpse of those experiences and the final reveals of a huge variety of pieces.  

To kick off Flashback Friday, here is today's featured piece:  

Black distressed teen dresser

This is the story of how a mother (Erica) surprised her teen son with a "new" dresser using a dresser he already owned.   While the dresser had good bones, (see below) and was very use-able, it was hiding in the closet due to one reason:   a less-than-ideal appearance!   

Well, that changed and you'll see it here!   This is what Erica said AFTER the dresser's transformation: 

"Take my advice, before you give up on a piece of furniture, run it by Kate first! She has an amazing gift of design"   

So we went form this: 

To this:

The look was achieved using chalk paint, and new hardware.  

And of course, draw liner! Every piece deserves a little surprise. 

Simple Update, drastic result

This was a serious, yet simple update to a dresser that while still fully functional, needed a new look suited for a teen.  No more hiding in the closet now. 

Re-discovering the beauty in a "tired" piece is like getting a brand new piece of furniture all over again.  It's resourceful, and empowering.  And, to see others' reactions to their newfound piece of furniture?  That's the part I love most. 

And that's a wrap for the first "Flashback Friday" in the painted furniture series!  Tune in every Friday to see past success stories of furniture transformations!!!!

Have you transformed an old piece of furniture?  Post it here:  Novo Decor's Facebook page! I'd LOVE to see what you've done.

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