Same Chair 4 Ways: Learn this upholstery trick in time for the holidays

Have you ever wished your chair upholstery actually matched the rest of your decor?  Is the upholstery from that “inherited” dining set outdated? With the holidays fast approaching, I have a “trick” that will instantly update your chairs. You can even add some holiday hues to your chairs for extra fun.  

I am not going to detail HOW to re-upholster a chair in this post. but you can go to this link for that:  Re-upholstering your dining or kitchen chairs   In this post, I'm sharing a tip for how to quickly and easily change out your upholstered chair.  In fact this is so quick and easy that you might find yourself changing your chair seat out with every changing holiday or season.  I know I do!  

Here is the same chair 4 different ways: 

The fabrics above are all temporary, and can be changed out. Here’s how the trick works:

  1.  On this particular example, there is a thin fabric that is permanently attached around the cushion and seat base (like seat covers should be).   Having a permanent cushion cover provides a smooth surface and nice clean edges to work with once your are ready to place your "temporary" fabric over it. For this chair you see, the screws from the chair bottom have already been removed.  And I'll admit....they've never been replaced!  I figure I can get by with this since the chair is mainly for looks!

2. Next, I choose my fabric and cut a piece large enough to be able to cover the seat, wrap around its edges, and tuck underneath.  As I wrap the fabric around, tucking it tightly under the edge of the seat, I gently push the seat into the seat frame so the fabric doesn't keep loosening or popping out as i move around the seat.  

3. If you have stray pieces of fabric hanging down below the chair seat, you can tape the upholstery to the seat bottom to secure it better (hide it!)     

4. Enjoy your “new” chair.

Time for this project: Approximately 20 minutes.

Other tips for this project: Cost effective alternatives to purchasing fabric at a fabric store:

  • Pillow cases (new ones)

  • Table linens (large cloth napkins or tablecloths)

  • Window panels

  • Thrift store fabric! MUCH cheaper than new.

  • You wouldn’t necessarily have to replace the screws on the bottom of your chair…unless the chair will be used!

With Christmas and New Year's on the horizon, you may be having guests, or, you may just want a fun holiday pop in the chairs you already have. Either way, you now have an instant method for updating your chairs.

Happy upholstering!






4 ways to bring black accents into your holiday home

Our homes can communicate our emotions, without a word spoken. In the spirit of the holiday season, it's fun to go big with home decor, accessories, and color.  And it's the perfect time to try new colors; colors you might not use any other time of the year.   Today we're talking about the color.....


There was a time when I had quite a bit of black decor.  Over the years my style evolved, and then I turned to light and bright.  I did away with the black.    I am finding myself drawn to the color again!

Here are some simple ways to add a punch of black, a classic hue, to your holiday home! 

4 simple ways to bring black into your holiday home

1. Chairs 

Do you have old wooden chairs? Are your kitchen or dining chairs dated?  Get out the black paint (or spray paint!).  Since chairs typically get plenty of traffic; priming is important.  NOTE: If you spray paint, do it outside or in a well-ventilated (and well-covered ) area.

There is something so classic looking in black and white for the holidays!

There is something so classic looking in black and white for the holidays!

2.  Textiles (pillows, tablecloths, curtains, blankets)

When I found this awesome polka dot tablecloth in black and white I did the happy dance! Disclosure:  it isn't a "real" tablecloth, but if you know me, you know I love an accessory that serves multiple purposes! This "tablecloth" will be a stunning back-drop for a bold holiday floral arrangement.....and a little gold accent here and there.  Ooooh... I'm feeling the holiday vibe just talking! 

holiday tablecloth.jpg

3.  Rugs

Have you been out shopping lately?  Black/white, and black/cream patterns are everywhere.  If pattern is a little scary to you, try it first in a black/white or black/cream color combination.  A small throw rug in your kitchen, your bedroom, foyer, or bathroom is all you need.

The thing about black and white patterns is that they can be totally wild, but don’t have to take center stage (because two colors is all you’re dealing with).  If pattern is overwhelming to you, starting with a black and white, or black and cream pattern is a good idea.

Then, throw some Christmas greenery or colors in the mix  and you've got a classic, holiday decor scheme that is sure to get noticed.  

These rugs have the power to add a classic, yet edgy touch to a holiday home:  

Now imagine a beautiful evergreen adorned in lights and ornaments, in the same room as a rug like one of these!   Gorgeous.  (rugs above from West Elm)

4.  Decor

Any decor you have (whether old or new!) is fair game for the holiday season. We tend to put away items when the holiday season arrives, thinking it all has to be festive and "holiday-appropriate". The time we spend doing this adds up!  A simple solution is to use the same decor items all year-long.  Choose several pieces to do this with, or all your decor.  Just add the seasonal accents as appropriate! For example....

I used this black vase with gold accents in the fall, and during the Christmas season, I can also use simply replacing the gold floral arrangement with a holiday-like arrangement. 

Black is a classic, timeless color that compliments so many other colors, and adds depth to any room.  Try black in your home this holiday season.....I promise it won't disappoint!  

Are you using black this holiday season in your home?  Thinking about it?  Post a photo in the comments directly onto this post, or at the  Novo Decor Facebook Page

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Two steps to your 2018 Christmas bedroom

To some, it may seem early to talk Christmas decorating, but, for those of us who enjoy decorating, it’s not! I ventured out to the stores this week, and ever since, I’ve had Christmas decor on my mind.

Who’s with me?

One fun way to decorate for the holidays, is to add a thing or two to your bedroom! But what do you add? No one really sees that room, right? Wrong. YOU do! Why not bring some Christmas cheer to your haven?

So what does Christmas look like in the room where you sleep? Here are two easy ideas:

TWO STEPS to your Christmas Room

  1. Find a holiday pillow!

    Holiday pillows are everywhere. I found this one a couple years back at TJ Maxx:

bed 2.jpg

I love the simple red print against the white background. I also love it because…….J= JESUS FIRST; 0= OTHERS NEXT; Y = YOURSELF LAST.

The red floor lamp and the pillow provide just enough holiday red to get the Christmas season feel

The red floor lamp and the pillow provide just enough holiday red to get the Christmas season feel

Pillows. Throw one of these on your bed, and you’ve got yourself an instant Christmas bedroom…..


2. Red Spray Paint

Spray paint one thing you already have in a holiday color like classic red . Outdated lamp base? Not anymore! Or, visit a local thrift shop, and find something you can use, like a mirror, or book end. Then get out the spray paint!

I found a brassy floor lamp, and the instant the Christmas bug struck, I was setting up my spray paint station in the garage, spray paint can in hand!

THAT’S IT! Two of the all-time easiest, and fastest ways to bring Christmas into your bedroom, or any room in the house!

And, if you are really into the Christmas bedroom idea, there are tons of great ideas like these…..

photo from

photo from

photo from

photo from

From Birch Lane via Pinterest

From Birch Lane via Pinterest

Are those rooms Christmas dreamy or what?! Yours can be too, with just 2 simple steps!

Happy spray painting, and pillow shopping!

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4 ways to decorate for Fall

Fall is here! There are so many beautiful and creative ways to decorate this time of year. Here are some of my favorites....


I love incorporating texture no matter what time of year it is!  But, in fall l think texture plays a huge role in making a room feel warm, and inviting.  Texture can be found in your pillows, baskets, window treatments, centerpieces, rugs, and furniture. My favorite texture is wicker.  Wicker is timeless and adds a pop to any decor scheme.  I love finding different varieties of wicker in thrift shops.  I don't think I have purchased a new basket in ten years!  I almost always walk out of a thrift store with a unique piece of wicker decor. Here are some examples of textured items I love: 

black dresser.jpg


Using artificial (or real) fall foliage is a very easy way to decorate for fall!  You can find artificial leaves and other arrangements in home and craft stores.   Sunflowers make beautiful fall arrangements.   Even a single sunflower arranged with twigs in a vase is a classy way to add a touch of fall to any room.    

Twig wreaths can also be used to add that rustic, outdoor feel to your decor.

fall decor shot.jpg


Fall colors go a long way.  Traditionally we think of oranges, golds/yellows, and reds in fall. If you have those cool summer colors out, now is the time to replace them with warm hues of fall. This simple tip can change the mood and feel of a room!   But, you don't have to use traditional fall colors!   I love the orange and pink combination in the photo below.  

Try a new hue, or choose your favorite fall color as your accent color in a neutral room.   

The rich colors on the piece of art below remind me of fall…

Art made by Art on Artesia.

Art made by Art on Artesia.


Rooms that incorporate natural wood tones are especially beautiful in fall.   I like to mix it up by combining painted pieces with wood pieces in their original rich wood tones.

Other ways to incorporate wood tones might include crates or trunks, framed mirrors or photos, bowls, candlesticks, and books/magazine racks.  

abstract wood art.jpg

Have you done your fall decorating yet?? Post your photo to Novo Decor’s Facebook page here:

Happy fall!  








How to choose an area rug for your home: Part 1

Have you ever picked out a rug for a room in your home?  There are SO many choices out there, it can make your head spin.  So, how did you make your choice?

1. Did you use a "strategy" or plan? 

2. Did you go with the first one that caught your eye? 

3. Did you pick the one that had your favorite colors in it? 

4. Did you end up NOT choosing one, because it was too overwhelming? 

If I asked ten home-owners these four questions, I would bet that six of them would answer "NO" to question #1, and "YES" to any one, or a combination of questions #2-4.  Hmmmm.....what is this saying?  

It's saying that 60% of home-owners would buy a rug without a plan.  Yep, that's right.  The thing is, a rug is kind of a big deal. They can be pricey.  They are a large accessory for the home.  They are very noticeable.  They can make or break a room. 

If there's no plan, problems can result.  

What problems? 
Problems can result when a rug is bought without a plan for the room it will go in.  Here are some examples.....

1. You get the rug home, and you don't love it anymore.  “But why? I loved it in the store?!” you ask.   Yep.  It happens…and it’s usually because there was no plan.

2. You really don't want to go through the hassle of returning it, so you keep it. “I can make this work”. Problem is, everything else in the room  What to do?   Change everything else!   Yep. This happens too, and it can become an even bigger problem than not loving your rug!

3. Once the rug is in the room, the room becomes visually confusing.  The rug doesn’t quite fit with the furniture lay-out.  And.......yep, you guessed it. This is a problem.

These things happen.  But there's good news. 

The good news about rugs: When you have a plan, choosing one is easier than you think

Selecting a rug doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, looking at rugs can be FUN….when you know what you’re looking for. Today I’m sharing the first key “ingredient” you need for selecting the RIGHT rug for your space:

  1. SIZE: Be sure to measure your room, and your furniture. When you know your furniture configuration and the amount of space it takes up, then you’ll know what size rug to get.

Below is a guide I found on Pinterest from Magnolia Homes by Joanna Gaines (Love her!) The pictures speak for the themselves. Bottom line is you want your rug to be big enough for the space!

rug guide.jpg

Here are some examples of what to do, and not to do: (photo taken from Buzzfeed, via Pinterest)


In the bottom two examples, you can see that those rugs aren’t large enough for the spaces they are in.

“OK. I have my furniture/space measurements, and looked at the rug size guide. I think I get it. Now what?”

Once you know how your furniture will be configured, and how much space it takes up, it’s helpful to actually see how the rug dimensions will work in your space. To do that, use painter’s tape and measure out a couple different standard rug sizes (like 8x10 feet, 9x12 feet, 5x7 feet) using the tape.

So for example, if you know your rug will need to be at least 8x10 feet in size, configure your painter’s tape to 8x10. Now you’ve got a very good idea as to how that particular size will work in your space.

Rugs don’t scare me!

Choosing an area rug for your home is easy when you know what you’re looking for. Taking measurements of your furniture, and the space it takes up will help you understand what size rug is best for your space. Using painter’s tape will help you further, by allowing you to visualize a rug actually being in your space. The result? No guesswork at the store, and the right size rug.

Like today’s first step? Stay tuned for parts 2 and 3!!!! Because you need more than measurements to select the RIGHT rug for your room!


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Friday Finds: hot, chic home decor under $5

It's Friday (woohoo!) and we're back to Friday Finds.  If you're tuning in to Friday Finds for the first time, it's where a thrifted home decor item is featured...and you would never guess it was found in a pile at a second-hand store!  

Why Friday Finds? 

Every home-owner needs to know that we don't have to spend top dollar to style our homes and get a finished look.   Today's find is.......

Picture Frames

When you have a thrifting addiction like me, you become skilled at knowing what decor to snatch up immediately among the sea of "used".....stuff.    Frames are one of those items difficult to pass up.  

Why frames must be snatched up

Frames serve multiple decorating purposes.  From a postcard you like, to a cloth napkin, to an antique doily from your grandma, frames are a great way to display what you love!  I particularly love them for displaying my kids' artwork, and creating gallery walls.  

You can see some of my blog posts on gallery walls for more ideas here:  Four Great Gallery Walls and One Gallery Wall Four Ways     

Below are examples of thrifted frames that at one time weren't so cute.....

All four of these frames were painted, making them fresh and modern. Now, the photos and pictures inside them stand out.   It can be fun to mix and match your frames too.  Not all frames have to be the same color or even the same style.  In fact, the more eclectic the mix, the better.

Comparison Shopping...

The frame below on the left is from Target, for  $10.79. The frame on the right: $0.99, which was identical to the one on the left, before I painted it!  

Go ahead and look at thrift store frames sometime. You will quickly see how unattractive they can be, but if you look past the outer shell and think about today's tip, you might find yourself with a "new" frame or two.

After a little frame re-fresh you'll be glad you snatched up that framed picture of a floral arrangement sitting on a mauve tablecloth (with a kitten lying next to it). 

It's time to venture to your nearest thrift store, and check out those frames.  Look past the outer shell!  I promise the next time you see a picture of a floral arrangement sitting on a mauve tablecloth (with a kitten lying next to it), you'll notice the frame, and not the ugly picture.  

. Once you have your frames, then what?  Try a mix....

Frames.  They are wonderful for many reasons .  The next time you're itching to do a little something fun to the house,  why not create a fun array of frames to display what you love! 

Do you have lots of frames in your house? A gallery wall? Need help creating a gallery wall? You're in the right place! 

Post your gallery wall on Facebook:

Happy Friday! 

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Did you know that my home consultations are FREE, always?   Let's find out what they're all about.....

What does a home consultation consist of? 

These are 30 minute, no-pressure, in-person sessions that will give you tips on what to do with that room, or decorating dilemma in need of a solution.   When you have a space you love, it has the power to invoke a whole new love for your home.

How do you know if a home coaching session/consultation is right for you?

If you own a home, you are a candidate!   The best part is, IT'S FREE.  

Here are some common scenarios I hear.....all the time.....

quote one.png
quoate three.png

Sound familiar?  Whether you need tons of help, ideas for finishing touches, or an answer to that one annoying decorating challenge, a home consultation is a simple solution.  

And, because each home-owner and home is unique, Novo Decor's customized solutions ensure that you'll get actionable ideas, and real solutions tailored to your home!  The home consultation is designed to do just that. 

I hope you schedule yours! 



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Friday Finds: Trays

Once in a while I'll post a favorite "Friday Find". A Friday find is a home decor item that was purchased second-hand, and is a smashing hit for accessorizing the home!  These second-hand gems (aka "thrifted finds")  have so much potential, and are waiting patiently to be snatched YOU! 

Today's find:    TRAYS

Trays are a simple home accessory yet can be used in SO many ways.  Here's why trays are so love-able in our home:

1.  Trays serve many uses (for remote controls, perfumes, lotions, candles, books, and the list goes on) 

2. They can be easily updated and customized to match your home (paint them, line with your favorite fabric, or contact paper)

3.  They are dynamite gift ideas for friends & family 

4  They add an extra decorative touch to any surface like a kitchen table, dresser, or buffet. 

Let's look at some brand new ones shall we? 

tray 1.jpg
tray two.jpg
tray three.jpg

Now, let's take a look at some "thrifted" trays......


"Wait. What? These trays aren't new?"  Nope! The best part is that they were $4.99 a piece".  


The trays in the photos below were all updated with paint and fabric.   I WISH I had photos of what they looked like before!  I love a soft furry animal as much as the next person, but not on trays!!  Using paint and fabric, it was time to say good-bye to stenciled kittens, and hearts, and hello to funky patterns and colors.....

chevron tray.jpg
holiday green tray.jpg

Notice the extra touch on the tray below.... gold drawer pulls.   I used carpenter grade "liquid nails", to attach the pulls to the tray.  I found the handles at the ReStore for $1.  

Look at that combination of gold and plaid.....

plaid tray.jpg

I found a great tray. Now what? 

Not all trays are created equal.  Some trays can be left as is, right off the thrifting rack (like the first wooden tray you saw above).  The only care they need is a good washing.  Just use warm soapy water. 

Other trays need some TLC.   Here's how:

  • Wash it 
  • Paint it
  • Line the tray (use fabric, contact paper, or decorative scrapbook paper)
  • If using fabric, or scrapbook paper to line the bottom, "paint" on some mod podge to the surface, and lay your fabric. Smooth out creases.  Let dry. 

 Trays: great home accents

Trays; perfect accents for any room in the house.  They are also multi-functional, easy to update, and customize to your color scheme and style. 

On that note.....

Be sure to check in next week for my tutorial on how to make one of these delightful little home accessories for yourself! 

Enjoy your weekend!


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4 essential elements to a refreshed room

Refreshing a room can be accomplished by bringing in key decorative elements.   By bringing these 4 elements into your space, you've got a fresh new look, instantly! 

The 4 elements:  

1.  Metallics/bling

2.  Texture

3. Color & Pattern

4. Greenery

Whether you want to refresh your master bedroom, create a reading nook, or update the busiest room in the house, using these 4 elements will help you create a room that inspires!

1.  Metallics (gold, silver, copper).  

Metallics just don't "go out of style".   Even the "brassy" hardware on our dressers or doors, has made a comeback.  Here are some examples of metallic decor that will instantly give your room style and "bling". 

Copper Accents

Copper is all the rage in the world of interior design and home decor.  Go to a home decorating store and you're sure to find this metallic!  Copper is everywhere.   

Where to find great copper accents:  Pier One, Cost Plus World Market, Target, Marshalls

Gold Accents

Gold is a classic way to add zip and elegance to any space.  It has become popular once again, but for some of us, it never went out of style!   Gold is timeless, and when used in healthy doses (not too much), it never "runs its course".  Try gold! 

Where to find gold accents:  ANY home store.  For starters: TJ Max, Target, Pier One, West Elm, Marshalls

Silver Accents

Incorporating silver is easy.  Some favorites of mine include lamps and vases.  Don't want to spend money on a new silver lamp when yours works just fine?  Get some silver spray paint and spray away.   In fact, grab some metallic spray paint in any one (or all 3) of these metallics and you've got an instant update to your dull decor.  

You can find silver accents at pretty much any home store: Target, World Market, TJ Max, Marshalls, Pier One

2.  Texture

The sky is the limit with texture.  Texture includes throw pillows, rugs, throw blankets, window treatments (panels or curtains). Even decor you put on your shelves and walls can contain texture, like baskets.  Here are some examples: 

Throw blankets can be draped on your sofa, or even hung on the wall!  This El Paso blanket is a GREAT example of texture (and pattern!) that is highly versatile in any room or space. 

The curtains you choose play a huge role in incorporating texture.  Additionally, any natural materials like wood and wicker, seagrass, or jute all fall under the category of TEXTURE: 

3. Color & Pattern

Color and pattern go hand in hand.  Every room needs color.  Even if just a hint of it, color makes an impact.   Pair color with pattern and you've got a home run!  Here are some examples: 

Rugs are an effective, simple way to incorporate color and pattern.  And did you know that if your room is large enough, you can add more than a single rug to the room? If your room is small, you can also try the art of layering your rugs!  See this example: 

Image from    (pinterest/instagram) 

Image from    (pinterest/instagram) 

Along with rug layering, pillows, blankets, and natural wood furniture add rich texture.  Texture adds visual interest and comfort to a room.  Doesn't this picture make you want to curl up on that sofa with a good book? 

And don't forget pattern.  Here is an example of using multiple patterns in the same space....

If mixing pattern scares you, I've created a Pattern Guide for YOU.  Just contact me below, for your FREE guide: 

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4.  Greenery

Greenery is a key piece to any room.  If you have a green thumb and enjoy the "real deal" in your house, even better.   I happen to be terrible at keeping plants alive, so I am biased toward artificial greens.  If you can do "real" by all means do!   

A splash of greens completes the space.  It can be as simple as a small wreath, or small plants on a table....

And that's a wrap for the 4 essential elements in any room of the house!  Adding these pieces to a space can take a room from nice, to amazing.  Experiment with texture, color, and pattern and your well on your way to a "designer" home interior!  

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Decorating with Novo Decor: What's right for you?

There is a lot of talk about decorating at Novo Decor this week.  Today, I'm outlining the decorating services I provide.

Up until now, I've provided two main services:

1.  Furniture painting

2. Decorating (partial or full room plan)

I heart decorating

Designing and re-creating a space is truly where my heart is, and that is where I will be focusing my services.  Though I will continue to paint furniture, these types of projects will not stand on their own, but rather, will be part of a room design/decorating project (if the room design calls for it). 

Decorating: Thrice the joy!

Novo Decor offers three decorating packages.  Each package is tailored to the customer, and starts with a home consultation.  The home consultation is an opportunity for me to see the customer's home, and get to know his/her style and needs for a particular room.  There is no fee for the initial home consultation. 

Keeping it simple: Three options

1. Design Board:  

A design board is a digital room plan that I design for the customer.  The board includes pictures of all the necessary decor, accessories, and furniture for the space.  A convenient product where-to-buy guide, and potential cost is also included.     

This option is for the home-owner who: 

  • Doesn't know how to choose decor, accessories, and/or furniture
  • Lacks time, and/or desire to come up with a plan
  • Is fine with the shopping part (on-line or in-store), if they have a plan to follow/where-to-buy guide.  They may say something like this.......

"Just tell me what to buy, and where to buy it, and I can do the rest (style the room)" 

This option is recommended for the those who, once they've got what they need for the room, WILL tackle the job AND get it done on their own by styling the entire room..  

Cost:  $59

Here is an example of a design board: 

Dunton Board #1 KIDS ROOM.png

2.  Design Board + Styling: 

This option includes a Design Board (see #1), and a full styling service.  

This option is for the home-owner who:

  • Wants someone to put the room together FOR them. So many home-owners struggle with putting a room together. They browse Pinterest, or look in magazines and see plenty of looks they love, but they can't achieve the look they love on their own.  
  • knows they won't put the room together on their own time

They may say something like this.....
"Tell me what to buy, and where to buy it, but I want you to put it all together for me please!"

With this option, the customer obtains all the items that I recommend on their design board, and then I come in and put it all together; the "style" part. 

Cost: Pricing varies. An estimate is provided following consultation. 

3.  Full room design + Styling: 

This option includes full room design plus styling, which means that a plan is devised for the customer, decor and accessories are brought in, and the room is styled for the customer. 

This option is for the home-owner who

  • Prefers the convenience of having someone else do it all for them (shopping AND installing/styling the room)
  • Has limited time or skills to get it done themselves

Cost:  Pricing varies depending on scope of project.  Estimate is provided following the consultation. 

Which one is right for you? 

Whether you're not sure how to get started, or can't seem to get those finishing details quite right, Novo Decor has a service specifically tailored to your needs. 

Take advantage of my FREE home consultation and get instant ideas for your space.   So easy.  So smart!  

Do you have a room you just can't done?  How about a room you don't like?  Get your FREE consultation. I'd seriously love to help.  

Do you have teenage daughter who needs an updated bedroom for the upcoming school year?? Book any service with Novo Decor and get %10 Off your order. 

Have a great week!